Friday, July 10, 2009

Kodiak Kodak Moments

Hi All!

Are you ready for some more Alaskan pictures? I have lots of time today since I don't work on Fridays so . . . .I can tangle with Blogger to get them on my post!

I can't remember if I told you that Hubby and I requested a room on the "bottom floor," the lowest floor that passengers have rooms on. We were on the same floor for our last cruise and we really liked it. The third floor! There are only 15 rooms on one side of the ship. The rest of the floor is for the crew. Being on this floor means it is quieter and you meet a lot of crew members as they walk through to go to or from work. It is fun.

Anyway, on the third floor you get a porthole. I love taking pictures through the porthole!

While the landscape isn't that fabulous, I like the shot!

We were in Kodiak pretty much all day and Hubby and I didn't take any excursions so we had lots of time to "hang out" and I took lots of pictures. We went up to the top deck of the ship to take pictures (and for Hubby to play with the golfing net thing - I will show you pictures of that later).

The American flag was blowing nicely in the wind. I couldn't get a really nice picture of it since it kept blowing back on itself.

I spent some time watching this ship making its way around this point. I think I have pictures of it in many different positions. The weather was a bit overcast - hence the darker picture.

Here is the same ship closer to our ship.

Hubby and I went to eat at The Channel Side Chowder House. We were there last year and really enjoyed it. The view out the windows is fabulous.

The Chowder House is right on a channel between Kodiak island and . . . another island (I forget its name). While eating we saw boats go by and even saw what we thing was a sea lion swim by. Of course, I didn't get a picture because by the time I got outside to take it, the sea lion was gone. Isn't that always the way?

These are the crab legs that Hubby and I ordered at the Chowder House. Fresh, hot, and wonderful!

Can you tell we liked them?

What would Kodiak be without seeing a bear? Hubby and I sort of cheated. This guy is in a sporting goods store along with an Arctic fox whose tail in the orangish thing in the lower left corner of this picture.

Here are the bear's stats. Quite impressive, don't you think?
After our visit to the bear, we walked to an area where locals were set up selling their crafts. We had a mission - to see the man who we had met last year and who we have emailed with a few times. Last year he was in a different spot and there were not as many vendors there. This time, he was closer to the dock (well, a bit!) and there were more people selling stuff. Paintings, jewelry, pictures, shirts, tote bags, all kinds of stuff!
Being a bookie, I stopped at this man's table.

This is G. William Yngve. He wrote a book called A Cold, Dark Place to Die. He claims that Quintin Terrentino (or however you spell his name) is going to make a movie of the book. We will see! Can you tell that William is a bit of a character? He went to Harvard and then moved to Alaska to work on fishing boats! Now he writes and publishes books. I bought his book and have read it. Look for a review in an upcoming post.
The main mission, seeing the man we have emailed with, was a success!

This is Jeff. He makes salmon leather products. Never heard of salmon leather? Neither had we until we met Jeff! It is neat stuff! Anyway, last year we met Jeff and asked him if he had ever though of making bookmarks. He hadn't and that was the subject of our emails. This year, he had a great display - see the boots in front of Jeff? The toes of the boots are covered in salmon leather! He also has wallets and key chains and earrings!!! and, of course, bookmarks.
Jeff made four prototype bookmarks and I wanted to buy them all but restrained myself and bought only three. Two for me and one for Theresa. I love these things. However, I realize as I write this that I don't have any good pictures of them. I am going to rectify that today and I will get them on my blog ASAP!
By the way - this picture of Jeff and me . . . it was about the hundredth try. Jeff's table was right in front of windows and Hubby couldn't get the pictures to come out due to the glare.
Our trip to Kodiak was fun - especially since I got a book and some bookmarks!
Voice Update: My voice is getting tired. All of the phone work at work this week is taking its toll. I am still doing pretty well but I notice that I am missing more of those always frustrating unvoiced consonants - especially H! SD can certainly be frustrating to live with!


asthmagirl said...

Kodiak is always fun! And the seafood in Alaska is divine!

I love that you requested to stay near the crew on your cruise. Those can't be the favored rooms!

Chris H said...

Oh I love the porthole photo! What fun you had for sure.

noble pig said...

I always request a room at the very top floor! We are polar opposites!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!