Saturday, July 25, 2009

iTunes Anyone?

Hi All!

As you might know, I have had an iPod for quite some time and am totally addicted to it (thank you McCoy Elementary!). Originally, my addiction was centered solely around podcasts and the music I already had in my CD collection. I didn't see the need to BUY music from iTunes. After all, I had plenty to listen to.

That was then.

Now I am afraid that I have given in to the temptation and have become an iTunes music purchaser!

Like any addiction, it began simply and small. I had gone to see the musical Rent and didn't buy the CDs on sale there because they were too expensive. Hubby helped in this decision with his "You can buy it cheaper online!" comment.

This decision to buy the soundtrack online happened to be followed rather closely by my parents' visit and my birthday. Not knowing what to buy me for my birthday and following my suggestions, my parents bought me an iTunes gift card.

The Rent soundtrack cost something like $15 and the gift card was for something like $50. So I bought the Les Mis soundtrack - which I hadn't bought at the theater for the same reasons I didn't buy Rent. It was so easy! Instant gratification!

I still had money left over.

Burning a hole in my pocket.

Waiting for me to find additional "treasures!"

So, of course, I began looking. A Jazz Harpist. A quartet of Texan sisters playing fiddles. A wonderful soul singer. A pianist. A Zydeco band. A classical composer whose name started with E (feeding my weird obsession to have composers for every letter of the alphabet). I started finding all kinds of good things.

I would listen to podcasts and find new artists that I "had" to have. However, I didn't spend my gift card money easily. I carefully pondered each decision and its length versus cost ratio (a longer song is always worth more than a short song for the same price!). As my balance got lower and lower, I became even more choosy in my purchases.

Then came the day when my balance got down to $1.43. Wow. That is low. Probably only one more song (at about 99 cents plus tax). Oh my!

I heard a popular singer on my "Ellen in a Minute" podcast and thought he might be worth a purchase. However, once I found out HIS songs were MORE than 99 cents. He fell off my radar pretty darn quickly!

I held on to that remaining money for a long time - weeks! And then . . .

I read Flea's blog yesterday. Her artist friend created an amazing bust of a Puerto Rican pianist. Of course I had to go and check him out. I was impressed. So impressed that I spent 99 cents on one of his SHORT pieces on iTunes!

Now my remaining balance is less than 40 cents. Not enough to purchase even one song. How sad!

I could just buy songs and have them charged to my credit card.

I could.

But I won't.

Yes, I am addicted to my iPod, to podcasts (which are always free by the way) and now, to iTunes. But I am fighting the iTunes addiction. I am fighting.

Maybe I will get another gift card for Christmas!


Voice Update: To be honest, I haven't talked yet today so I don't really know. I think things are still good. Remember, I am resting my voice for the weekend!


Elizabeth said...

If I had a I-pod I might get addicted too
At present I just blog a lot.
Don't even have a cell-phone
Have a good weekend.

Chris H said...

I love my ipod too.. I download music via Limewire.. it's FREE!!