Saturday, July 18, 2009

That was then . . .This is now!

Hi All!

Do you remember when Skor got into my piano and cut one of his front feet and one of his back feet? We had quite a struggle keeping him from licking the things and getting them messed up. We had this lovely cone . . .

As you can tell, Skor really, really enjoyed this cone! NOT!

Well, we got his feet healed - finally! And he was allowed to be cone free. He enjoyed his freedom.

How could you sleep like this if you had a big cone on your head? And this isn't the weirdest position Skor sleeps in!

Sleeping on the computer while "helping" me write my blog each morning would also be difficult with a "cone head!"
Yes, Skor was really happy that he didn't have to endure the cone any more!
However . . . . things can change in an instant!
This week I had noticed that Skor was licking his right front paw a little more than normal and I tried to get a look at it but . . . Skor would have nothing to do with that! Plus, I was working so I didn't have as much time as normal to get a glimpse of the offending foot.
Then, I noticed that Skor's breath was NASTY! I know cat breath is never very good but this was just plain horrible! Hubby even noticed. I also thought Skor's feet smelled but assumed it was because he licks his feet with his smelly tongue.
Yesterday I was enjoying my time off with both kitties snuggled up in bed with me. A very unusual event and I was determined to try to make it last as long as possible. However, it was not too long into the "love fest" that I saw it.
Skor was licking his paw - again - and I saw it.
The pad of his paw was red and swollen and the fur around it was nasty - like dried blood.
Well, that sort of ruined snuggle time for me. Oh, I still stayed there and petted both kitties but I was thinking about what I needed to do. I needed to get a good look at that foot. Skor, however, was still determined that I not look at it.
When Miss Cleo finally decided to go sleep in the sun, I made my move. I snatched Skor up and got a glimpse of that foot. EEEEWWWW! It looked bad.
We went into the bathroom where I attempted to clean the thing off and get a better look at it!
Then I called the vet and made an appointment for that day. He told me what I already knew - that Skor had a cut on his pad and it was infected. He cleaned out the foot and put on antibiotic spray (which I had taken with me from the last foot incident). Then I got the lovely antibiotics that I "get" to shoot down Skor's throat two times a day. Fun, fun.
And Skor . . . well . . . he got this . ..

Doesn't he look absolutely thrilled?
Voice Update: Doing okay. Need to do some serious massage and stuff today AND rest my voice!


noble pig said...

Poor thing but the eating pic just cracked me up.

Chris H said...

Teddy sends his love to Skor... Teddy knows ALL ABOUT those darn collars!
Hope Skor is all better sooon.