Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Hi All.

Today I thought I would show off my growing "garden" since you have seen it from its infancy. It is doing pretty well but, due to the Texas heat, I have to make sure I water it each and every morning or things don't go so well!

Here is an "overview" picture of the whole thing.

The little white balls on the lower left are mothballs - there to discourage bunny from eating my Coneflowers! It works most of the time! The round thing is the tray to the flowerpot. We take the flowerpot inside in the winter and use the tray. I am not really sure what it is doing there at the moment.

Speaking of the flowerpot. Here is Fred, our date palm. He is two years old and is finally sprouting a third leaf! Go, Fred, go!

My Clematis is blooming, blooming, blooming. The flowers look a little weary though. I am not too sure why. This pictures shows the bloom wet from being watered. I thought it was neat that a bud for another flower worked its way right in with this bloom.

Here is a bunch of Clematis blooms. They look nice against the white of the fence.

In their second year, the Coneflowers are blooming! Yeah! I finally kept bunny away from them long enough for them to bud and bloom. Of course, the plants themselves would be bigger if not nibbled by bunny earlier in the season.

I just love close ups of Coneflowers, don't you? To think, I started these from seed last year!

There is something neat about this picture of a Coneflower bud. So much promise.

My Moonflower, in the corner, is doing very well. I ended up with three plants which are sending out shoots everywhere. The plant has started to bloom but I didn't catch the bloom when it was open. All I have is the remains!
There you have it - a guided tour of my garden this week. I hope you enjoyed. I will keep watering my heart out and, hopefully, my garden will keep blooming for me to enjoy from my kitchen window!
Voice Update: I got a massage from Susan and so my neck is feeling better. Susan said my voice "isn't too bad." After two weeks, I will take that!


noble pig said...

I wonder if I have coneflowers in the yard. I'm going to have to take some pics and post them to find out. Your garen is doing beautiful! I'm jealous of your flowers.

Flea said...

I love the clematis, coneflower and moonflower! Thanks for the walk around your garden!

Asthmagirl said...

It has been so hot here that we are having to water extra! I love your clematis!