Thursday, July 16, 2009

Caught in the Act!

Hi All!

Yesterday's post was waylaid by a nice headache! I decided that the wisest course of action was to take some meds and get a little more sleep before heading to work. Luckily, the strategy worked - until I got home from work when the headache reactivated. Oh well!

This morning I still have a little remnant of the headache which, I hope, will be wiped out by some meds before I go to work.

Well, do you remember my post about Hubby not feeding the cats before heading to bed? Well, I don't normally like to complain about Hubby since he is such a wonderful husband but I let a little complaining slip out in that post. I guess life is telling me to watch myself since he found out about it! Hubby, who never reads my blog, found out about my "complaint!" Yikes! Now I really have to watch what I put in my blog. I have an "informer" out there somewhere who knows Hubby!

Luckily, he was just having fun yanking my chain and wasn't upset at all! However, I don't think that I will hear the end of this for a while so I will have to watch my content!

Returning to yesterday, I had an interesting day at work. I can't divulge details but let's just say it involved a divorced couple, hints of violence, the possibility of police, and safety escorts out of the building (not for me - this happened in the morning). It was certainly an interesting day at work! Everyone was safe and the violence we were expecting never materialized but it was a bit nerve wracking!

Join me in hoping that today is MUCH less exciting!


Voice Update: Doing well. I have gotten out the "thumper" to work on my neck and it certainly helps a lot.

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imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow, that's actually a little scary about the violence and the couple, glad it didn't escalate into anything that put you in harm's way.

BTW, thank you :-)