Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kitty on the Keyboard Kind of Day

Hi All!

Today is the last day this week that I am heading to work at my speech therapist's office. YEAH! I don't mind the work but it is tiring! So much so that when I get home and hit the pillow, I sleep like a log and that is VERY unusual for me! Hubby even mentioned that two nights ago he got up in the middle of the night and I didn't even move! Very unusual.

Skor is still doing very well about not waking us up before the alarm (okay, maybe he wakes us up 15-20 minutes early but that isn't as bad as when he was waking us up at three in the morning!). He just hangs out on the night stand waiting for the alarm and then jumps onto the bed to make sure we are moving. What a good kitty!

Well, a good kitty about THAT particular thing. He is still getting into everything he possibly can. He also chews weird things - like scissors, the light next to my bed (the metal part), and the ceramic frog on the coffee table. Luckily, he doesn't do any damage to these things since the surfaces are harder than his teeth. But, weird, don't you think?

Speaking of weird, Miss Cleo, my other cat, jumped up on the bed two nights ago and was sniffing around my face. Normally, she only does this when I have something mentholated on such as Vicks or some kind of sports cream. However, when she was sniffing, the only thing I was doing was chewing on a Pepcid since I had some heartburn. Weird.

Then, it got even stranger. Skor jumped on the bed too. This normally sends Miss Cleo running since he annoys her. However, this time, Miss Cleo stuck fast to her ground and wouldn't move an inch. Skor eventually gave up and retreated to his night stand. Miss Cleo curled up and laid down next to my pillow (well, her head was on the pillow but most of her was next to it!). Purring. She NEVER does that!

I started to get a bit freaked out. I mean, you have heard of cats that curl up next to people in nursing homes who are dying, right? Well, what if this is what Miss Cleo was doing? You also hear about pheromone sniffing pets who can tell when something is wrong with you, right? Was Miss Cleo sniffing pheromones? She did spend a lot of time sniffing my mouth!

Hubby told me that she probably just needed some extra attention since we had been gone. I am choosing to believe that since she stayed for about 15 minutes and then summarily left.


Oh - I didn't tell you that Skor is on the desk with his head and front paws draped over the keyboard did I? Let me tell you, it makes typing this a bit more . . . challenging!

I am taking a bit of a break from the vacation pictures until I have a little more time to battle with Blogger. I just don't have the energy today. Maybe I will get some more posted tomorrow!

Until then . . .

Remember to smile!


Voice Update: Doing pretty well. My throat is a bit crunchy but Susan gave me a little bonus massage yesterday while I was working and that helped. I am not doing my exercises as often as I should but I do them to and from work. Speaking all day is giving me a lot of added exercise! One of Susan's patients talked to me after her session and said that my voice recovery was an inspiration to her. That was nice.


Mental P Mama said...

What would we do without our animal children??? Hope your visit is productive and not too tiring!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I'm like you-- I would've freaked out about the possibilities rather than just enjoyed the affection :-) That's funny that you have help typing today.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry... I'm laughing about how you pondered cats curling up with people who are dying!
It totally sounds like something TOG would have said!