Sunday, July 27, 2008

That Woman Who Write All the Books

Hi All!

This post is a weird tribute to my mother who can never remember Danielle Steel's name when we are in a book store and then resorts to calling her "that woman who writes all the books." Needless to say, we don't get very far with that description!

Anyway, I just finished Dating Game by Danielle Steel. It is a very good book about a wife and mother who, after twenty-four years of marriage, finds herself single (due to a divorce), alone (one child is on her own, the other is in college), and facing so many changes she doesn't know what to do. With some well timed guidance from a counselor this woman, Paris, enters the unknown world of life on her own. She moves and finds a new job and has some pretty hairy experiences with the dating scene.

I always enjoy Danielle Steel's books because she has a way of making the characters so real that you soon feel as though they are your best friends. I found myself really connecting to Paris while she traveled this new road in her life. I felt her triumphs (there are many) and her pain (also many) and even started to really dislike her ex-husband (who I concluded was a real jerk to leave her!).

This book examines life after marriage for middle aged adults and is filled with tenderness and hope.

It is also extremely readable and a good book for the beach, the plane, or just for relaxing at home. I highly recommend it.


Voice Update: Still goin' strong. I am in the midst of my lovely "e's" as we speak and Hubby is having fun mimicking me from the living room. I do find myself getting really, really dry after my exercises. I guess it is because when doing inhale work, the air rushing past the mouth and vocal chords is the dry, outside air instead of air moistened by the lungs. Good thing I always have plenty of water on hand (thanks, Hubby!).

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