Thursday, July 3, 2008

THIS is Seward!

Hi All!

Sorry about the mistaken identity of my location yesterday. THESE are pictures from Seward, Alaska!

The shuttle from the ship dropped us off at a little park right next to this mural. There were several murals around town and they were very neat. I took this shot to show to my mother - "Look Mom, flowers!"

Despite the clouds, the views were spectacular!

This is a view of the main drag is Seward. Hubby and I had a good time walking up and down looking at all of the shops while looking at the snow covered mountains in the background.

At the end of the street there was the Alaska Sea Life Center. Jay and I had heard from my in-laws that this was a neat place to go so . . .

We had to check it out. The darn people in front of the sign wouldn't move so I couldn't get the entire sign. Rats!

I got to see Puffins up close for the first time. This little guy (or girl) was strutting around close to the people just begging for a picture to be taken.

Isn't he/she interesting? I liked this shot when the Puffin peered around a rock. There was also a very deep tank where you could watch the Puffins swimming underwater. I had never seen this before and was impressed. They actually swim by flapping their wings under water! Neat! I also couldn't believe how deep these birds went and how long they stayed under the water. I kept trying to get a picture of one under the surface but never was quick enough to get a good shot.

This bird was in the same area as the Puffins and I thought he/she was very interesting. Of course I forget what this bird is called now that I am home. Darn memory!

There was a big tank with three seals in it. They were swimming all over the place and workers were in the tank in scuba gear cleaning the tank. I got some shots of those swimmers while they were underwater. I could have sat all day watching them go around and around. They always seemed to be swimming upside down!

This little seal was in a tank isolated from the rest of the seals outside of the center. You could look out windows and see the tanks. This little one was just sipping away. I thought he/she looked a little sad. What do you think? Adorable but just a bit melancholy!

Look at this big guy! I put in this picture with the person at the far right hand side for some scale. This a sea lion. Immense!

In addition to the pictures I took, the Sea Life Center had a lot of very interesting displays and a touch tank with star fish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, etc. in it. The water was very cold but it was fun to actually get to touch these creatures. Of course Hubby just sat and watched me. He doesn't know what he missed out on!

If you ever venture to Seward, Alaska, I highly recommend a visit to the Alaska Sea Life Center. It is well worth it! The city is also a fun place to visit and you just can't beat the scenery!

I think I was on a tilt for this picture!


Voice Update: Pretty good. Better than the other day. I am not missing as many "h's." I have done several short sessions of massage and my throat is starting to get a bit looser and isn't quite as sore. I did some inhale/exhale exercises on and off during the day and a few in bed while Hubby slept and I laid awake.


Coffee Bean said...

How fun! My favorite picture is of the main drag where you see the top of a mountain just right there! Well... and the birds... and the sea lion..

noble pig said...

Those Puffins are so cool looking!

Karen Deborah said...

Thanks for coming by! Looks like you had a great trip too, awesome pictures! Alaska is so cool,Ladies of the House lives there and she has incredible pictures, right from her home!