Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What the Duck???

Hi All!

Joining me today (as it has for many days) is my friend, timer. It is so much fun to have my "friend" around reminding me to do my exercises. He also likes my blog so . . .

Okay - we live near a lake and have gotten used to seeing ducks and geese wandering around the neighborhood. We have even stopped asking ourselves "Why wouldn't they just fly one more block and be in the lake?" Okay - we still mutter that under our breath once in a while as we avoid duck poo on the sidewalk.

We have a couple ducks which have been visiting us lately. Hubby has been feeding them bread (gee - I wonder why they hang around!) and we have fun trying to identify just what kind of ducks they are. Take a look.

First of all - aren't they cute? I love the little swirly pattern on them. But . . . any clue what kind of duck they are?

This blue patch on the one duck made me think it was a mallard but . . . when I checked the new bird book that my mother had given me for my birthday, it clearly stated that mallards have a neck band and a different colored head. Okay - that is a male. The females are a bit like this one. A bit . . . but not quite!

My friend is still here faithfully counting down the minutes until my next exercises. Isn't he such a fun friend?

Here is the other duck. No neck band. Not even a patch of blue on the wing though there might be a hint of a patch but Hubby and I couldn't tell for sure. Maybe an immature mallard?

And which is the male and which is the female? Oh - I think they have the wrong colored bill for Mallards too. Of course I don't have the book with me while I write this! That would be too easy!

So - anyone out there who can identify these little buggers?

Oops - according to my friend it is almost time for me to "e" my way through another session of exercises. Glad my bog is about written!


Voice Update: My voice is still doing well. I didn't do nearly enough exercises yesterday because I couldn't sleep and then had ipod problems which kept me up even longer. Long story short(er) I was awake until 4:30A.M. and then slept until about noon. That makes it hard to do vocal exercises. Of course Hubby thinks that I have done them enough that I should be able to do them in my sleep. I am struggling with words starting with "p" a lot lately. I don't recall if I have always had problems with this particular sound or if this is newer. Oh - "h" and "w" words are still giving me trouble. I think I have speech today so we will see what happens.


MUD said...

I ride a recumbent Bike and it has no fenders. The goose poop at our lakeside path is terrible. To make it worse, people stand in the grass and throw bread on the sidewalk so the geese gather there. The end result is goose poop on the walkway and I hope they get chiggers. Thanks for popping in (not pooping in like I first spelled it) to my blog site.

noble pig said...

Cute it.

Coffee Bean said...

It is a... duck. That is the extent of my knowledge of ducks. You are welcome.

He He...

ntsc said...

They aren't Mallards.

If you put the region of the country you are in, I'll check my birding books.

ntsc said...

Perhaps amottled duck. Turns out the male mallard only has the neck band and bright colors during breeding season. They do look like that but have yellow bills.