Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rain? Really?

Hi All!

Well, I am back from the first day of walking with "C." It was . . . okay. She was a bit late - almost 10 minutes - which was a little annoying but, I spent the time walking up and down the road in front of where we were going to meet.

She did have one of her granddaughters with her - a nine year old - who was actually a very nice kiddo. She and her family have just moved back to Texas from Connecticut and she said that she was glad to be back. GLAD? To be back to THIS HEAT?? Is the girl nuts????

Anyway - the walk was good even though it was very HOT and humid this morning. We walked all over the place - longer than my normal route but not too bad overall. I had fun watching the granddaughter look for sprinklers to run through. Then - wait for it . . . it started to sprinkle!

Yes! It actually started to sprinkle water from the sky! In Texas. In the summer! I know - hard to believe, right??? Well, it didn't rain very hard and the rain that did fall evaporated quickly from the sidewalks. The clouds were still very black when I came into the house but . . . I won't hold my breath!

I did water my flowerbed this morning so maybe that will be enough to tempt the rain from those clouds!

Okay - on a totally different topic, I have noticed that someone from Dallas keeps showing up on my blog. Of course, this person doesn't leave a comment. Please Dallas person - leave me a comment. I am interested in knowing where exactly in Dallas you are! It is nice to know that someone from my area is reading my blog!

Also - if anyone reading this blog knows the person from Seward, Alaska who visited my blog a while back, please let that person know that I did catch my mistake and did actually post about Seward later. I feel bad that when the Seward person showed up I had mistakenly identified pictures from Kodiak as being from Seward. I don't want them to think I am "dissing" their neck of the country!


Voice Update: A bit rocky today. Probably due to a lack of good sleep. I just couldn't get to sleep last night! I will do some exercises before heading to the speech therapist's office to work. Maybe I will take along my buddy the timer to continue exercises while I am there. It would be good advertising! I have recorded my podcast on massage - now I only need to edit it and get it posted. Keep an eye out. It should be out this week!


noble pig said...

Glad the walking went well...but the lateness would make me crazy.

Coffee Bean said...

You made me laugh. I used to walk with a gal who was always late. I am almost always early. It makes me crazy when other people are late... of course, I always say it isn't a big deal but... it really does make me crazy.

Got something for you on my blog.