Wednesday, July 2, 2008

OOPS! This is really KODIAK!

Edited Note: Hubby looked at me funny when I said this was Seward. It turns out these photos were taken in Kodiak! Sorry everyone! My memory is short at to just where I take pictures! I hope to post about Seward tomorrow!

Hi All!

If you are bored with the Alaskan pictures, quit reading now and check back tomorrow. Unless you want to see some Bald Eagles - then scroll down.

If you are NOT bored with my Alaskan pictures yet, enjoy! I am having fun sharing them.

While we were in Seward, Alaska, we stopped by a local place to have some King Crab Legs. This is the place. Nothing fancy but it is where the locals go for good seafood. I even talked to some people who live in Seward and learned that they eat here at least once a week. On Friday - the day we were there - they have a crab leg special. A pound and a half for $19. A really good deal!

Hubby and I split an order of crab legs and an order of "Scallibut." Which is fried scallops and fried Halibut. Very, very good. The only problem was that the crab legs were very spiny and I got two "battle wounds" while I was cracking them open. Ouch! I guess it was worth it! Sorry I don't have pictures of the crab legs - I was too interested in eating them!

Sitting in the restaurant you could see across this little channel to a wooded area where a Bald Eagle had a nest. Actually, I think there were two over there but I never saw the second. Anyway, there was a lot of eagle activity when the owner of the restaurant put out some fish scraps for the birds. We saw one adult - above - and I thought this shot wasn't too bad.

There were also several "baby" eagles. Really they were probably teenagers but we called them "babies." This one sat on a pier right at the edge of the restaurant's patio and I got within about ten feet of him before he got nervous and flew away. He was HUGE! I knew eagles were big but never being that close to one . . . I didn't actually understand just how big they were

Isn't "Baby" cute? I was impressed that I could get so close to a real, live Bald Eagle. Okay - so he isn't old enough to be bald yet . . . it still counts. Right?

Okay - I had never heard of the Alaskan earthquake of 1964. I know I wasn't born then but shouldn't I have heard about the biggest earthquake in American history? This sign was on a sporting goods store about a mile or so from the waterfront.

This was also on the same store. Amazing that a big fishing vessel could be washed that far onto land. However - there were NO photos in the store. We looked everywhere!

THIS was in the store though. A stuffed bear that someone had shot. It was also HUGE! Much, much bigger than the eagle! Having stuffed animals seemed to be a theme in stores in Seward. There were other stuffed animals - usually Mountain Goats (or whatever they are technically called). I think that is just plain weird. What do you think?

Sorry about the poor quality of this picture. I took it through the glass and apparently had some issues with it! Just look at the measurements of this bear! Immense! I am glad I don't live near any of these things roaming around in the wild!

This is just a harbor shot. I like taking those. Look at the beautiful scenery!


Voice Update: Yesterday I had a lot of trouble with those darn "h" words and other unvoiced consonants. Hubby even dared to make fun of me once while we were walking. That earned him a punch in the belly (a very soft one because I am a wimp!)! I did some massage - not enough of course! - and the upper left part of my throat really hurt - like a pin was stuck in it. I wonder what that is all about. This morning it seems to be fine. Hold on while I do a bit of massage to check it out. . . Yep - that sore spot is gone. My throat is really tight (due to a lack of regular massage no doubt) but it isn't sore in that spot anymore.


noble pig said...

This makes me miss Alaska so much! Those are great pictures of the eagles!

Absent said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! I especially like the ones of the young Bald Eagle :) I'll be visiting Seward next week and I'm certainly looking forward to it.

Ecolo said...

The pics are aweseome! It is so nice to experience Alaska through you.

Coffee Bean said...

How cool are those eagle pictures??? WOW!

I am very frustrated with my voice. When we were in Seattle I sounded the same but it was so much easier to talk! We are wondering if the altitude here is contributing to the problem. If it were because I'm not breathing properly and doing something wrong then there shouldn't have been a difference between places. Since we got home my speech is totally broken and with even less volume. No one can understand me. My poor husband looks like a deer caught in the headlights when he tells me he didn't get it. It just pisses me off. Sorry. But it does. It's almost as if when I finally accept my voice where it is it craps out even more.

Whiney McWhine Butt

Trisha said...

I am glad that you were able to speak with more ease when you were in Seattle and sad that you are having such problems back home. I wonder if there IS something to do with altitude or humidity or something like that which accounts for the differences. I wonder if other people who live in Seatlle and travel to other places or people who live in other places and travel to Seatlle have noticed these kinds of differences.

I think the SD researchers should look into that!

About the whining - as you call it - don't worry about it! We all have those kinds of days and, I think you are entitled! You have put up with a lot lately with your voice - the graduation party, traveling, etc.

Be sure to give your husband a kiss once in a while to remind him that it isn't HIM that you are really mad at - it is the SD! Then work out a plan with him so that you are always close together when you talk. When my voice was horrible I would whistle for my Hubby and he would whistle back so I could locate him. Then one of us would go to the other (we usually split this about 50/50 naturally) so that I could talk to him.

A pain in the rear? Yes. But . . .

Anonymous said...

I survived the Alaska earthquake of 64. I lived on an island outside of Anchorage. I was a youngster, but I'll never forget it.

Great Eagle pictures!

Flea said...

Aren't bald eagles the coolest? I've never seen the babies, but we saw the adults in Orlando all the time. How cool that you were up close to both!