Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday, Lovely Sunday!

Hi All!

Isn't the sky just so blue in this picture? I love it! These are Cedar Waxwings - I do believe - hanging out in our trees out front in early spring/late winter.

Hubby isn't feeling well today - allergies, I think. We are just hanging out at home and doing a whole lot of nothing.

Maybe I will actually get around to editing and posting another podcast - wouldn't that be super?

Happy Sunday!


Voice Update: Haven't talked a whole lot today since Hubby is still sort of out of it but, it seems like my voice is good. Still missing some of those darn "h's" but . . . I am starting to like the world without them! I did a lot more massage yesterday than I have been doing and I think things are really starting to loosen up. I also annoyed Hubby to death with the inhale/exhale matching pitches while we were watching tv. It was a boring program anyway!


Chris H said...

Yes it is a beautiful blue sky... very pretty. Sounds like you have been a busy little bee with your voice exercises etc... you must have a lovely husband too.

Trisha said...


My Hubby is an absolutely wonderful man who has put up with a lot of "stuff" due to my vocal disorder. I thank God daily for him!

noble pig said...

This is an awesome shot! Great color.