Monday, July 14, 2008

High School Musical - The Musical

Hi All!

On Saturday Hubby and I once more trekked to the Music Hall at Fair Park to see another musical in our series. This time it was High School Musical.

Yes, we went to see High School Musical. We have never seen the movie - yes, I know that is a horror of horrors. You see, we don't have any children so we miss out on so much!
Anyway - there we were, adults in a sea of tweens and pre-tweens. We had alot of fun watching parents shuffle kiddos into the theater and we really had fun watching them line up to buy show merchandise. It was amazing how much stuff was being sold! T-shirts and notebooks and pens and purses and jackets and CDs (I will admit that I bought a CD - it is a tradition for me to buy a CD of the shows we see) and posters and pins and keychains . . . I could go on but, honestly, I can't remember what else they were selling. These things were flying off the shelves as parents purchased for their kiddos.
I am going to pause here for just a moment to reflect on the marketing genius of that company called Disney. It really is amazing!
Back to the show. So, there we were - Hubby and I - unprepared for what was waiting to unfold. Luckily the rather tall lady who normally sits in front of Hubby wasn't there and a shorter woman and her teenage daughter were there. This wasn't too much of an issue but one of them had on a LOT of perfume which helped to fuel the massive headache I ended up with by the final curtain calls.
The show was cute. Very peppy with a lot of fast action and bright costumes. The whole story revolved around a pair of teens who were good singers and ended up auditioning for the school musical despite their other obligations. Of course they "liked" each other and ended up kissing - ohhhhhhh!
Did I mention my headache? Well, unfortunately, the headache prevented me from truly appreciating the show. I did manage to think that the sets were pretty ingenious. They had reversible sets which rolled around. Some had lockers on the back and scenery for the theater classroom on the other. I couldn't figure out if they used the same rolling sets and changed the backing or if they had a ton of rolling sets. Again - I had a headache so I couldn't concentrate.
If you have tween or pre-tween children I think this show would be great for you to see with them. I only ask one thing . . . don't let them rustle candy wrappers in the second act! It sounded like a million wrappers were being undone at the same time at the beginning of the second act! A very unusual sound in a theater!
Voice Update: I was not feeling well this weekend and because of that didn't spend much time on my exercises. My voice is okay today but not at its best - probably due to a lack of exercising! I will get back on the horse - so to speak - once I finally kick this feeling bad stuff!


noble pig said...

I have seen it so many times on TV I can sing it...LOL..glad you went.

Anonymous said...

I hate the excessive perfume. Along with the headache, I get the bronchial spasms and occasionally the voice spasms. It's difficult for me to go places that are smoky/perfumy/scented candle-y. And yeah, that does make me feel like a dork!

Coffee Bean said...

I've got something for ya on my blog!