Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Next American Idol???

Hi All!

I normally have strange dreams. Very strange dreams. They are so common in my life that I usually just shrug when I wake up and go about my business. However, every once in a while there are dreams that are just so bizarre that they stick with me for a while.

Like my dream about auditioning for American Idol.

First of all, you should know that I have ABSOLUTELY no desire to audition for American Idol. I never have. Sure, I used to do the whole theater thing when I was younger but I realized early that I enjoyed being backstage much more than being out there in the spotlight. I love to sing - but normally in groups or in the shower. In fact, I don't sing in public any more. The whole SD thing really took that away from me. However, I do sing along to my iPod when I am home alone. But, I digress.

Back to the dream.

In my dream Hubby and I were waiting (and waiting, and waiting, and waiting) for my audition for American Idol. We had gotten a letter (?!?) saying that we should show up in the morning so - there we were. We waiting for part of the time outside on a group of benches. We watched other people who were also waiting and even talked to some. They were an odd bunch, let me tell you! I really remember one girl who sat down between up and put her feet on Hubby's lap because she needed comforting after facing Simon in her audition! The nerve!

Later we moved inside to a nice little lobby section. The whole time I was running through songs in my head trying to decide what to sing. There was a little message board on the wall next to us where other contestants wrote notes and things. I remember one note from a person named "Shmoo" telling Helen that she was a "lock." Somehow I also think I was knitting while I was sitting there. Not really sure.

Apparently our seats were near the back entrance to the audition hall. Because it was warm in the hall the door was left open frequently. There were about a million people in there - okay, maybe not a MILLION but, there were a lot. There were the three judges and then a whole panel of stern looking people along the side who reminded me of the people waiting for the phones to ring at telethons. There was also a big table at the back where the two producers sat. These guys were right out of a magazine ad - they were gorgeous! Young GQ looking guys. They saw us out the door and let us come in and chat with them.

It was almost lunchtime so we asked when I was scheduled to audition. The producers called over a cute young girl with a green clipboard who flipped through a mountain of paper and told me "2:30." What? I had been told the morning and it was going to be 2:30 before I auditioned? Why? She explained that some of the other auditioners were having a hard time taking no for an answer and were having to be dragged from the room. That apparently took a lot of time and was really messing up the schedule.

After she left and the producers went out the door next to us to get some lunch, Hubby and I decided that we might as well get lunch too. We glanced out the door at the Burger King just across the surprisingly small parking lot. I was still trying to decide what to sing and if I should tell the judges that I have SD.

***Reality was beginning to sink into the dream - a sure sign that I am heading towards consciousness!

As Hubby and I were discussing if the judges would be able to hear my SD influenced singing and if we should sneak out to get a burger and some fries, I woke up. My kitty, Miss Cleo, was meowing in the bathroom - probably what woke me up.

What in the world does this dream mean? I don't even watch American Idol and certainly have no desire to audition! I am not a masochist and I think I am too old anyway. I do remember asking the producers if I could get work as a producer - I would be good at that. Is this a sign that I should enter the world of musical production??? A sign that I want a hamburger and fries?

A sign that my headache meds mess with my mind?


Voice Update: Still trucking along with the exercises every thirty minutes. That darn timer is a bit annoying but it is getting so that even the cat doesn't jump when it goes off any more! I will admit that I didn't do as many exercises as I should have yesterday because I took a LONG nap in an effort to stem the headache (it didn't work). However, I did hang out in my bonus room and read while stopping to do exercises when the timer went off. I think I was up there for about two hours. I then took some more meds and another short nap when Hubby came home. I did more exercises between dinner and walking but had a very bad attitude about them - it was the headache talking!


noble pig said...

HA! Isn't it crazy where these dreams come would really be great to have them interpreted.

Flea said...

Did you take melatonin before bed? It always gives me the most vivid dreams. Weird stuff. So yeah, maybe the meds. Fun, though!

Lauren said...

hey I wanted to let you know that I will be posting my 3 odd things as soon as I can get them together. I have a funny idea, but I haven't been able to get it together yet. Thanks for tagging me. I'll chat with you later.