Thursday, January 20, 2011

What In The World?

Hi All!

Do you see this adorable kitty?

He is so calm.

He is so cute when he does "Halloween kitty."

He is so inquisitive.

Who else can look so darn adorable sleeping like this? (Okay - who else can really sleep like this anyway?)

Look how demure - he hides his face when he sleeps.
So - what in the world happens during the night to transform this adorable little fluff ball of a kitty into such an annoying little pest???????


This morning it started at 4:30 A.M.


I tried and tried to ignore it. I did pretty well until about 6:00A.M. when the pest decided that since I wasn't getting up he should work on waking up Hubby. Let me tell you - this is quite a task. Hubby sleeps like a rock!


Well, Skor managed to wake Hubby up! Now both of us were awake and wondering what in the world was wrong that Skor had to be so darn annoying! Hubby even got up (earlier than usual!) to go and check that the kitties had food (they did). Since that is the normal reason for morning annoyance, we were stumped.


True, Skor likes me to be up to watch him eat (weird cat!) but this morning he didn't even head to the food bowl when I finally managed to make it to the kitchen. He just kept whining! The litter box was cleaned. There was fresh water. He didn't seem to be in physical distress.


What in the world????


Then, once Hubby was out the door to work (limping just slightly due to the toe - and yes, he does know that I blog about his toenail less state!), Skor headed into the guest room for a nap. Totally ignoring me! I even went upstairs this morning (an unusual event) and he didn't follow at all. Just curled up for a nap.


Such nerve he has!


Well, I guess I am up so . . . whatever.

This morning the weather took a nasty turn. It had rained over night and the temps started plummeting (from around 50 to just above freezing in an hour). Then the winds picked up. It sounded like the entire house was going to pull a Wizard of Oz! Then it started spitting sleet. The perfect walking weather, don't you think?


Neither did I! Instead of heading outside, I went upstairs to use the neglected elliptical machine. I decided it would be a good alternative this morning AND I got to watch the premiere of Hot In Cleveland while I worked up a sweat! Of course I have no idea how far I went or how many calories I burned - the batteries were dead in the "computer" and I didn't have replacements this morning (can you say Walmart trip??). So - I just worked out for the length of my recorded show and then called it a done deal. Then I looked at the clock and it worked out pretty well time-wise as well!


And I stayed warm! Yeah!


Voice Update: Went a bit more "in depth" with my massage yesterday and now my neck is a little sore but my voice feels better. Yes, my voice can actually feel good or feel bad. I think that when it feels bad there is more difficulty in getting those cords to close and make sounds then when it feels good. I never thought of talking as taking a lot of effort but this whole SD thing has certainly changed that. There are days (and times of days) when talking just takes too much effort to be worth it. This is normally at the end of the day when I am talking to Hubby in bed before we both fall asleep. That is when I don't feel like making any kind of sound at all! Today I will be able to do more work on my exercises during my drive to and from school. I have found that is the easiest way to remember them when I am out and about during the day - doing exercises each time I get into the car. The only problem with that is that sometimes I don't go anywhere and then I don't remember my exercises as easily!

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