Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Down - The Rest of The Semester To Go!

Hi All!

This morning I started out a little later than I did yesterday.

The sun was actually working on getting into the sky this morning!

This yard has quite a worm problem!

I wonder what happened here?

Now I know why we have had snow already this year . . . .


Last night I had my first class of the semester. I think it will be a good one. The teacher seems very personable and reasonable - two good traits for a teacher. The other students are great - there are only two I have never been in class with before. The work load doesn't seem too heavy. I just might make it through this semester!


Hubby, the toenail-less wonder, is getting better everyday. In fact, the toe doesn't look as bad today as it did yesterday. That is progress! Hubby did well at work yesterday for a half day and is back to full days starting today. We will see how he feels when he gets home.


Have I mentioned that I am trying to let my hair grow to a chin length bob again? Well, it is getting longer and that means that I actually have some "issues" to deal with now and again. One issue that recently came to my attention is that when I walk, my hairline gets sweaty. If I don't pull back my hair it gets sweaty too and then starts to flop into my face which is annoying! So - this morning I have four clips holding everything back. I am sure I look lovely! Grow hair! Grow!




Voice Update: Still holding its own. I did some extra talking last night after class to make up for not doing oral reading but I have to get on the ball with that soon! I did exercises in the car on the way to class but forgot on the way home (doink!). I am sure I will get better with remembering once I start driving everyday again. The massage and I are doing well. Doing well! I will say that needing to do so much work to keep my voice at its best (instead of just waking up and doing nothing like most people in the world) is a real pain in the neck!


Donalyn said...

Hiya Trisha - wanted to drop by and say hello & catch up on your blog a bit. Best of luck with your classes!

Mental P Mama said...

Does your poor hubby know that all of us out here in the Internets know about his toenail-less situation? And, you just need a baseball cap...take it from me...I've had every level of growing out-ness.