Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

Hi All!

As I was trying to get to sleep last night my mind was racing away - as it always does - and for a few fleeting seconds it settled on a statement that my brother made about being able to think about - nothing. Nothing! That is the part that made my mind stop. I think it just couldn't figure out the concept. Nothing. Thinking of nothing.

Each time my mind alights on this topic, I have to just stop it in its tracks for a moment while I contemplate what it would be like to actually think of . . . nothing.

You see, my mind never (and I mean NEVER) thinks of nothing. It is always racing along thinking of about a million things a minute. Odd things. Like why sheets never stay on our mattress. Or why the cats don't get rid of their own eye boogers. Or when humans first thought of plucking down from ducks and making it into comforters. Or why some people have such a good time commenting on Facebook. Or if I should get a smart phone and what in the world I would do with a smart phone. Or why I can't register for a class even though the dean supposedly knows about the problem and is "taking care of it." Or why the furnace filters make so much noise when the furnace shuts off and the air isn't pushing on them any more.

I think you get the picture.

When I was in high school English class I remember learning about a writing style called Stream of Consciousness. It is when the author lets the readers follow along in his/her thought process. Things don't always make a lot of sense at first but they do eventually - because you are following how the author thinks instead of a rigid plot line.

Imagine what it would be like if I took you along on my thought process. I don't think anyone would have the energy to read that book! Never mind the fact that the plot would be so buried in other thoughts that the book would have to be a trillion pages long to have the plot make any sense at all! Eeks!

It might be nice to think of nothing once in a while!


Voice Update: Still doing well despite sounding a bit raspy. Hubby is STILL worried that I have done something to my voice. Poor Hubby! I am on the massage and starting up the exercises again as the drainage permits.

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