Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Through the Fog

Hi All!

This picture isn't really from today since I forgot to tote my camera along with me on my "shiver walk" this morning.

However, the rainbow just barely peeking through the storm clouds (can you see it?) reminded me of this morning.
Fog was settled over the lake and was so thick in places that you couldn't see the other side of the little "bay" (that isn't the right word - what is the water between two peninsulas called??). Normally you can see the other shore and houses, trees, and a golf course. Today . . . only fog with the very tips of a few trees piercing its surface.
Birds appeared to be enjoying the fog as they darted in and out of the fog multiple times before finally getting down to business - feeding on bugs and fish from the surface of the lake.
It was mesmerizing.
There is just something about fog, isn't there? It can be mystical or it can be menacing. Today it was mystical. It felt like a tall ship with its sails unfurled to catch the Texas wind would burst forth from the fog at any moment. Or maybe a Pegasus would swoop out of the fog and bring a handsome prince to our world.
There are just so many possibilities for fog.
I can see why they use it so much in stage productions!
This morning I walked again (in case you missed that fact from the first sentence!). That makes three whole days in a row! Wow! Unfortunately, I did end up eating a bit more than normal yesterday - basically because we stayed up late watching the Sugarbowl - Ohio State was playing so we HAD to watch! I am trying to keep my eating under control (to hopefully lose some weight!) but . . .it is slow going. Currently, I am trying to write everything I eat down in the hopes that that will encourage me to moderate. It has worked (except for yesterday) so far!
While I write this blog (and IM with Mom) I am trying to work out my new schedule for this semester. I will (hopefully) be taking two classes - both of which meet on Tuesday and Thursday - and will also be responsible for more practicum hours - this time doing some actual interpreting! I still want to visit with some friends one day a week (last semester it was Friday) but might need to change the day in order to optimize everything.
There are also some workshops that I would like to attend but they are on three consecutive Saturdays and I don't know that Hubby would enjoy me being gone that much!
Life can be so complicated!
Voice Update: Today I have a speech appointment at which I fully expect to be chastised for my lax exercise routine over the holidays. No doubt Susan will have to really work on my crunchy throat and she won't be too happy. Then again - she may be slightly happy that I still have a pretty good voice considering . . .

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