Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Putting One Foot in Front of the Other . . .

Hi All!

Despite some heavy resistance from the home front, I actually completed my second day of walking in the morning!

Now for another shocker - last night Hubby and I actually walked! I know - pretty amazing,huh?

So - that means that I am doing pretty darn well with my decisions to improve my health/fitness in 2011. I refuse to call them resolutions because . . . that just makes me think I will ignore them like all of the other New Year's Resolutions I have made in the past. They are decisions which will improve my life!

Yesterday's doctor's visit went pretty well. Nothing bad to report - which is good! I did have the doctor laughing when she was listening to my heart and heard my stomach growl. My next appointment is in the morning!!!

After the doctor I headed to the grocery store for some fruit and vegetables. I decided that adding more of these things to my diet would be a good idea and since I didn't have any at home, I needed to purchase them before breaking my fast! Another good step - right?

Anyway - who knew that getting just fruit and veggies could be so darn expensive?!?

I suppose that there are a lot of servings in the stuff I got so it works out to not be too expensive per serving but I was a little shocked at the check-out yesterday!

After shopping and getting home, I put everything away and then prepared a large salad to go with my pork and potato and sauerkraut burrito - which was very, very good by the way! I am thinking of doing a repeat for lunch today.

Hopefully you are on your way to a healthy and happy 2011 too!


Voice Update: Still not up to full speed but hanging in there with the little stuff. I did massage yesterday morning and then read out loud since I didn't have a lot of talking going on during the day. Unfortunately, I forgot the massage at night. Ugh! Just when I was getting back into the groove of things. I guess that just means I need to be more aware of the need for today!


Dianne said...

walking is such a good exercise!
I'm happy for you that you did it 2 mornings in a row
that's 1 more than I ever accomplished

Mental P Mama said...

Good for you! And, sadly, a lot of the nutritious and organic food is more expensive...we need to make it easier to get than McD's!

Coffee Bean said...

Good for you! I'm trying to get back on the exercise... it's hard though. I'm having trouble with my back. UGH!!!