Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a Start . . . . Right?

Hi All!

I hope everyone is settling into 2011 and getting ready for the wonderful year ahead. No doubt it will be full of adventures and new, exciting experiences for everyone. There will probably be a few "less palatable" moments thrown into the mix to make things interesting but . . . hopefully they will be few and far between.

Yesterday I listed a bunch of stuff that I hoped to do in 2011. Well. . . I think I am off to a slow but steady start.

My vocal exercises - I haven't really done the exercises but I did give myself a four minute laryngeal massage last night. The throat is pretty darn "crunchy" but I guess that is what happens when you try to ignore your dance partner (SD) for too long. No doubt we will be back "in step" soon!

Walking/exercising - umm. . . yeah. Not happening yet. I had good intentions but when there is a choice between that and staying inside the warm house . . . There was some walking done when Hubby and I went to Sam's club. Does that count? We went down almost all the aisles!

Blogging - Doing great so far! This is my second post of the new year and it is only January 2nd! Now if anyone would actually read my blog . . .

Getting Hubby on board for walking/exercising - hasn't even appeared on the horizon yet. My fingers are still crossed!

So - how are YOU doing so far in the new year?


Voice Update: See above to realize that while my voice is doing "okay," it could be much better if I had kept up with my exercises and massage during the holidays. It was interesting to talk to old friends from high school and to explain what SD was and what I had to deal with as I learned to "dance" with this new, unexpected life partner (that sounds wrong but I don't know what else to call SD - the incurable little disorder that it is!).

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Mental P Mama said...

Well....I got a good night's sleep last night. Now just have to get rid of this pesky 30 pounds....