Monday, January 3, 2011

Does It Know?

Hi All!

Wow! Three days in a row! I am certainly on a roll with the blogging thing so far this year. We will see what happens when classes and my Practicum appointments start up!

This morning I am feeling really good - well, sort of! I got up (after trying to ignore two cats for about two and a half hours) and got dressed to walk. Yes, I said I got dressed to walk! It has been a while but I am determined to start the new year off right!

Even though I hesitated just a moment when I looked at the thermometer and saw that it was only 37 degrees, I have finished walking for the first day of this year. Actually, I feel wonderful for completing the walk. That stuff about endorphins must be true!

The rest of my exercise plan includes weights and Wii but I am starting slow since it has been a while. Once I get my walking under control (everyday!) I will start with the weights and then the Wii.

Another accomplishment - which may seem minor but is really good for me - is that I am even showered and dressed and ready for the day. Normally I don't shower and dress until after I IM with Mom. Today I got all that done early! Yeah me!

The "sort of" for feeling really good is due to the fact that I am fasting for a doctor's appointment this morning. My stomach is rumbling away and I am trying (in vain) to pacify it with water. Normally I make my doctor's appointments early in the morning to try to avoid fasting for a long time - which causes my blood sugar to drop - but since I have to reschedule this one I took what I could get.

Now on to today's question. I have a Christmas Cactus that I have been nursing along for many years now. It has gotten repotted and trimmed and I have tried and tried and tried to get new plants rooted. Not that I have succeeded! Due to my failures to get new plants started, and due to the fact that parts of the old plant seem to drop off daily, the cactus doesn't look too good.

It looks so sad that recently Hubby and I have been talking about getting a new Christmas Cactus and getting rid of this one.

Then, while I was in Ohio and Hubby was still at home, he told me that the plant was getting ready to bloom.

This is what I found when I got home.

Do you think the plant knows that we were planning on getting rid of it?

How can you get rid of a plant that blooms so nicely for you?
Voice Update: Still not totally on the ball but I did do my massage again this morning. Small steps. Small steps!


Mental P Mama said...

Yay plant! And big YAY for you today. I'm still in my pj's. Not an auspicious start......

Diane said...

Yes, you have to keep the plant now!

I hate fasting for dr. appointments. Go you for making it happen!

Chris H said...

Simple, you don't get rid of it! I always thought those plants were super easy to propigate?