Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Starting Again . . . Again!

Hi All!

Now that my cold is pretty much gone (still a bit of an issue when sleeping but . . . with time this too shall pass!) and Hubby's toenail isn't keeping him from work (well, to be specific, he is taking this morning off but will go in this afternoon!), I can finally get back to my exercise schedule!

I figure this is the perfect time since my classes are starting today too. Start everything fresh!

Speaking of classes - I reread the Dean's email and it wasn't quite as bad as I remembered it to be (typical - I read it when I was upset and now I am calm). I responded to her email and asked a couple questions to clarify the situation - we will see how it goes. She DID still say that the interpreter prep program was "small beans" in the college though - I decided to let that one go!

I still can't say that I am overly excited about classes but I did do some work for my Practicum class last night and I am getting more "in the mood" for classes to start. We will see how it goes tonight!

Here are some views from my morning . . .

The sun wasn't even up when I stepped out the door and it was drizzling. I had to go back for my umbrella - if I hadn't it would have POURED!

As I walked I didn't really feel the rain at first but I noticed this on the sidewalk . . . My umbrella did come in handy during this walk but, luckily, nothing too heavy came down!

Sometimes the remnants of holidays just look so forlorn . . .

This fungus was knocked from the side of a tree where it has been growing for a couple of months. I think it is neat how it is brown with the green "stuff" on it. Nature is so amazing!




Voice Update: Doing okay. Still working on the exercises and the massage but need to work the oral reading in. Of course, I may get enough vocal exercise in class tonight - we will see how that goes.

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Diane said...

I love that first shot with the sun not up yet! Glad your cold is improving!