Monday, January 17, 2011

Cleaning Out . . . .Again!

Hi All!

The entire time I was in bed with my cold I was ruminating upon the need to clean out my armoire - and my closet. For some reason I just couldn't get this out of my mind. I even thought about how I would rearrange things and which particular items of clothing needed to be donated.

Unfortunately, due to the whole "sick" thing, I didn't have the energy to actually follow through on my plans. I could only lay in bed and . . . plan.

Then I was feeling better.

Just in time for Hubby to have his toenail removed! That meant that once more I was busy. This time I was busy making sure that he was okay and changing dressings and lovely things like that. Again the armoire - and closet - had to wait.

Well, this weekend I finally had the time and the energy so . . . I dug into the armoire. Literally!

After a while I had a pile of clothing on the floor to donate. Sometimes it surprises me when I can find so many clothes to donate when I went through the armoire to do the same thing not that long ago!

The kitties had to inspect my work - of course. This led me to transfer my "good" clothes from this shelf (which the kitties seem to like for some reason) to the top shelf.


Now my "workout" clothes are in the kitty zone since I don't really care too much about hair on those.


The closet hasn't gotten the cleaning treatment yet but it is still in the back of my mind. I am sure that it will get done soon!


Cleaning things out really makes me feel good. Like I have done something important. Which is sort of crazy since all I did was go through my clothing. Weird!


Hubby's toe is improving. Yesterday he let it "breathe" for a while during my shopping trip (he was at home) because I was looking for bigger band-aids to cover the entire area. Hopefully this will be more "non-stick" than the gauze pads we have been using. I am thinking that he will be ready to put the toe into his shoes for work tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.


On the topic of the email from the college dean . . . I haven't read it again yet. I am going to today. To tell the truth, I am still rather upset about the whole situation. In fact, I don't feel like going to classes at all this semester.


I almost feel cheated since I was excited about classes just before I got the email. Now all I can think about is that most of the people who complete the program fail in the "real world." Or at least that is what the dean says.


If I am only going to fail, why complete the program at all?




More positive thoughts needed. I WILL think positive thoughts. I WILL. I WILL!




Voice Update: Still doing well. I am back on track with everything except the oral reading. I am working on getting that into my schedule.


Mental P Mama said...

That Dean is a %^&$#@. You want to come for a visit? My closet is a mess!

Flea said...

Has your hubby read the email? Let him read it, too. Give you a little perspective.

Great job with the armoire!