Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, 2011!

Hi All!

Sorry about the lengthy silence but . . . life sometimes gets in the way of blogging, you know! I was visiting my wonderful parents in Ohio (with all of the snow and the cold - what in the world was I thinking?????). I had a fabulous time and Hubby and I enjoyed the holidays among family and friends.

Now I am back and ready for a new year and a "fresh" start. A fresh start at what . . . I am not sure yet. I do plan to do a couple (at least) of the following.

1. Get back to a regular exercise schedule including walking and weights and Wii!

2. Get back to a regular vocal exercise schedule. The holidays really set me back a bit!

3. Get back into a regular blogging schedule. For some reason I think that if I am not able to blog in the morning that means that I can't blog for the entire day!

4. Somehow survive TWO classes this semester - one of which is the second part of Practicum where I go and actually do some interpreting under the watchful eyes of certified interpreters (scary!).

5. Convince Hubby that he needs to join me in my regular exercise schedule in some way.

6. Actually write down an exercise plan so that I might (might) stick with it.

7. Wish all of my bloggy (and blog reading) friends a wonderful, happy, and healthy 2011!

Talk to you soon (see number 3!).


Voice Update: Well, if you remember number 2 above, you will know that the holidays haven't been good for me and exercises - of any kind! I did do a lot of talking (sometimes over doing it a bit) so that I got THAT exercise but I didn't do much massage and I am certain that Susan will yell at me when I see her Wednesday (I think it is this Wednesday - I am not out of vacation mode yet!).

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Mental P Mama said...

Happy and Healthy 2011 to you all, Trisha! And good luck with all those goals!