Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Update

Hi All!

Yesterday's classes were . . . interesting, shall we say! As I sat in ASL 3 being extremely interested in the list of mouth morphemes we were studying (I really was. Honest!), my back was giving me all kinds of messages. Things like, "Stand up!" "Lay down!" "What were you thinking moving potting soil?" and "Go home!"

Not one to let my body do the decision making, I decided to take the muscle relaxer I had in my pocket "just in case."

Some background information for you. Muscle relaxers tend to make me a bit loopy for a while as they start to work. Later, once the pill has taken effect, I am better but in the beginning . . . watch out!

Anyway. I took the pill and by the end of the class was having a lot of "fun" trying to understand the signs. People's hands looked fascinating to me and I found myself concentrating on their hands but not really bothering to figure out what they were saying. Not too fun in sign language classes!

Luckily, I made it through the day/evening and got home safely - I was fine to drive since the pill had taken hold by then and I was no longer fascinated with odd things.

The only problem is that the muscle relaxers never play nice with my stomach and make me sick. So . .. I get home and am not feeling well. What a day!

On a brighter note . . . my Deaf Culture teacher, Kelly (as seen in this picture on the left) had her baby on Saturday. A little boy whom I believe is being called Kevin.

Congratulations, Kelly!

While Kelly is spending time with her new son we had a wonderful substitute teacher in class who is a CODA - Child of Deaf Adults - and an interpreter. We got to ask her many questions about what it was like growing up in the Deaf World. Fascinating.

One more bright spot in my day so far . . . the Hostas that the foundation crew literally sat on . .. one of them has new leaves this morning! It looks like it will make it. The other is still struggling but . . . there is hope!

Now, if my back will only cooperate today!


Voice Update: Rockin'and Rollin' despite the fact that I don't really want to talk too much because I am cranky due to my back. I snuck in my massage last night while in classes - not to hard to do during movies - and things are nice and loose.


asthmagirl said...

Wow, be careful with those meds!

Glad your hosta will make it. Ours survived our deep freeze from last winter, so it looks like we won't have to replace them!

Chris H said...

Sounds like the muscle relaxers are fun!
Congrats to your teacher on the birth of her wee man.
Yaaa for the plants surviving!

noble pig said...

That's why I loved school, so many interesting things always happening.

Mental P Mama said...

I thought about you yesterday when Robert Kennedy was being interviewed about Riverkeeper. I wonder if he is involved in any way with SD. And in my experience, hostas are indestructible.