Friday, April 24, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon!

Hi All!

Let me tell you that I got the nicest comment from the mayor of Ypsilanti, Michigan inviting me to visit anytime. I also got a comment from Dan who was born in Ypsilanti and told me that he thinks it was named after a Greek soldier. Interesting. I can tell that Ypsilanti is a very friendly place!

Remember when I said yesterday that my back was feeling better. Apparently, I spoke too soon! Yesterday I went through my classes and thought things were going well. I took a few aspirin and was positive that would be enough.


By the time I got home, my back was in agony! So much so that I had Hubby give me a massage and rub some Aspercreme into the area. I popped some more aspirin (probably should have taken one of the muscle relaxers but I wasn't thinking really clearly at the time) and tried to get some sleep. It was difficult to get to sleep because I was so uncomfortable!

This morning my back is a bit better (I say cautiously) but is still hurting AND my neck is stiff from sleeping in a weird position - the only way I was comfortable. The stiff neck isn't too good for my voice since the muscles in my throat are a bit tight now. Rats!

I am planning on heading to the Deaf Action Center to visit my friends this morning so I can't let my back get in my way! Hopefully, it will let me go and visit and then I can come home and lay down for a while. I have gotten over my Agatha Christie aversion and am working my way through some of her stories in podcast form. They are fun to listen to. I can just imagine them being broadcast over the radio and families sitting around the radio listening to them together in the evening.

I always thought it would be neat to live in that time - before our world became so over-run with cell phones and hand held computer games which make family time these days so rare.

Oh Well!


Voice Update: My throat is crunchy - surely due to the stiff neck situation. I will massage myself and see what is going on. I will work this out . . . I will work this out!


Flea said...

I hope that your back improves quickly. Massage is always a good thing, especially when given by a handsome man. :)

Mental P Mama said...

Aren't you the one!?

noble pig said...

The mayor, how cool!