Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, Monday

Hi All!

Well, it is Monday again. Isn't it interesting how they cycle by so quickly? The weekend flies and then suddenly . . . Monday.

Not that I have anything against Mondays, per se. It is only fascinating to me how quickly the cycle works. I do have to admit that Mondays aren't quite the heavy burden they were when I was working but . . . interesting.

Mondays are a time for renewal, in a way. When we start diets, when do we start? Monday. When we have a new exercise routine to get into . . . Monday. Turning over that "new leaf?" Monday.

Everything is new on Monday. The whole week is stretched out in front of you like a lovely, blank slate. Anything can happen. Mondays are filled with hope. Hope that the week will go well. Hope that something exciting will happen. Hope that the weekend will come quickly.

Why has Monday gotten such a bad rap?


Voice Update: Doing well. I am massaging and exercising. In fact, this weekend I was doing my cyclical reading - where I read on the inhale and exhale without stopping specifically to breathe. It is a neat party trick and also relaxes me and gets those vocal cord muscles working.


Elizabeth said...

Happy Monday!
Buster sends puppy licks!

Mental P Mama said...

I love Mondays!

noble pig said...

I love Monday's just for those reasons. But maybe it's becuase the kids go back to school...

Flea said...

I like Mondays. I sleep through them now.

asthmagirl said...

I make great lists for Mondays... by Friday I'm building a list for the following Monday on things I didn't get done. On a good week, I get about 70% done. But it does help to see your progress!