Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If You Give A Mouse an Electrical Wire . . .

Hi All!

Yesterday we had a plumbing test done on our house AND the heating/AC system was checked. Two different people!

Hubby came home at noon to take care of the people while I trotted off to class. Fun, fun! My Deaf Culture teacher, Kelly, brought her newborn son, Kevin, into class for a little bit. He is soooo tiny - only a week old! How adorable he was!

Anyway, Hubby stayed home to let the plumber and the HAC guys into the house and to supervise them. The plumbing test was to make sure that the plumbing didn't develop any leaks as the result of the whole foundation work situation. No leaks!!!

However, there was a slight problem with the HAC. Apparently everything was fine until the guy finished looking at the units inside (located in our attic) and went out to check the outside units. We have two AC units - a pretty large one for the downstairs and a small one for the upstairs bonus room. The downstairs unit kicked on just fine but the upstairs unit didn't start.

So - the guy checks the breakers to see if one was blown. Nope. He goes upstairs to check on the unit again and finds a chewed wire. Uh-oh!

When he had put the metal panel back on the unit it had apparently touched the chewed, exposed wire and arched causing the circuit board in the unit to "fry." Doesn't that sound great? We got a new circuit board (luckily, covered under our maintenance plan) but . . . the unit still didn't work! Now the guy was a bit frustrated! He messed around for a bit and then finally had to call his boss.

By this time, it was about 5:30 and Hubby was thinking that we might have to invite the HAC guy to eat dinner with us!

The boss came out and together the two men finally figured out that one wire wasn't connected. They connected it and . . . voila! Perfect!

So - our HAC system is working well but . . . we have a mouse in our attic!

Hubby is plotting how to rid us of our unwanted house guest and I am wondering just how a mouse got in the attic.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Skor update: Well, he is doing okay. He has had four doses of his meds and only one of them ended up partly on his head! His gums, which were REALLY red at the vet's are now pink again (which could mean that he has an immune problem!) but his "growth" hasn't shown any signs of shrinking yet. Maybe it is too early????


Voice Update: I am going to Speech today. No doubt Susan will find my throat nice and crunchy! I have honestly tried! I have!


Flea said...

We had da mouse problem when we moved in. House sat vacant for a while before we bought it. The mice chewed through the wires in the oven. I made little balls out of peanut butter and Borax and dropped them behind the oven and fridge. Never had another problem. They love peanut butter. You might try it in the attic, as long as the cats can't get up there.

asthmagirl said...

Ick... critters in the house! At our last house, the squirrels chewed through our cable wire. I guess they don't have to be in the house to cause problems!

I wish Skor's neck was getting better....

noble pig said...

OMG I would now be dreaming the mouse was in my bed. But I guess that won't happen with the cats around.

Chris H said...

I'm glad you resolved the problem... mice suck.
I hope you can get rid of them...and I say them cos you never only have one!
We had mice in our last house thanks to teenagers leaving food all over their rooms! IKKKKKK.
I used mouse traps... a poison.