Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Skor, Skor, Skor

Hi All!

You remember this cute little bugger?

Do you remember the last time I had to take him to the vet? It resulted in this . . .

Well, Skor and I made the trip to the vet's office again yesterday afternoon. No - he doesn't have another cone on his head - thank goodness! However, he DOES need antibiotics again for at least a week.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me explain. About a week or so ago, I noticed that Skor had a sore on the back of his neck. It was about the size of the tip of my pinkie and had no hair on it. My first thought was ringworm! Yikes.

Then I looked a bit closer. It wasn't circular and didn't have the darker ring that ringworm normally presents with. Whew!

I was concerned but . . . maybe it was just a place where Miss Cleo got him with her claws while they were playing. I decided to keep an eye on it . . . just in case.

Last Saturday I noticed that the spot was bigger - at least twice as big. Again, it was hairless so there was a pretty big patch of baldness on the back of Skor's neck. You couldn't really see it unless you looked because the other hair (long hair!) covered the spot. I told Hubby that I thought I should take Skor to the vet that day.

Hubby, without even looking at the spot, said we should put neosporin on it and wait. Well . . . we waited two days until Hubby actually caught a glimpse of the spot. Then he told me that he thought I should take Skor to the vet right away.

So . . . yesterday I loaded Skor into the carrier and off we went to see Dr. Bowe. Dr. Bowe is our favorite vet - he is so nice and really loves cats. Dr. Bowe took a look. And then another. He got a needle and tried to suck some "stuff" out of the spot. He then took the "stuff" he got and looked at it under the microscope.

Terrific, right? Wrong.

Doc had no clue what the spot was. He didn't find anything conclusive under the microscope. In fact, Doc was mystified about what in the world the spot was. We talked about a couple of different possibilities including an infected scratch/bite from Miss Cleo, a sore from the collar (which is temporarily off), an infected insect bite. Finally, Doc decided to give Skor antibiotics and a steroid shot.

Which means that twice a day I get to round up Skor and shoot liquid down his thoat - what fun! Let me tell you - he doesn't like it one darn bit!

Oh - did I mention that Doc was also concerned about Skor's teeth? Skor's gums are really red and there was no sign of plaque on the teeth. Doc is worried that Skor has some sort of immune problem where the body "turns" on the teeth.

Super. Why did we want another cat?

Ohhh..... that is right. He is so darn adorable and sweet!

We love our little kitty!


Voice Update: Well . . . I am not doing too well with my massage. I know, I know. I do know better but let me tell you - the whole back thing (which is pretty much better now) really set me back. My voice is still sounding good but my throat is crunchy, crunchy, crunchy!


Mental P Mama said...

Poor baby. I hope his issues aren't severe....they can't tell us where it hurts.

Chris H said...

HOw weird that the Vet didn't know what it was. Hope the meds work and he's all better soon....

Flea said...

Skor's the most adorable kitty ever. :) I hope his neck spot fills in with fur and that he's okay soon.

noble pig said...

Everytime I hear Skor I think of candy. Go figure. I hope everything turns out all right!

asthmagirl said...

I hate it when the little animals are sick. Ugh. I hope he feels better soon!