Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terrific Tuesday??

Hi All!

Let me just tell you that yesterday was a good and a bad day. I went to the ASL lab and spent about two hours talking to the lab assistants and watching a video for class. Fun. Then I headed to Home Depot to buy some pots for the as-of-yet unplanted bougainvillea sitting on my porch.

They have all kinds of neat, brightly colored, plastic pots! Cool beans! I bought one in bright turquoise and one in yellow. I think they will contrast nicely with the pink blooms of the plant. I also bought a planter for lettuce - the seeds I got from the NSDA symposium - and two BIG bags of potting soil.

This is where things get a bit . . . not so good.

I moved the soil by myself. BIG mistake.

You may recall that I was having some back problems earlier this week (think weekend). Let's just say that moving the soil really let me know that my back doesn't appreciate that kind of stuff when it isn't feeling up to par. Now my back is absolutely killing me. Okay, it isn't technically killing me but . . . . it sure feels that way!

Why do I do these things to myself?

Oh well! Now I get to go and sit in class for about 7 hours. That should help things, don't you think?


Voice Update: My voice is still going strong. My throat is getting nice and loose even though the back issues are tightening up my neck muscles a bit. I am really giving them a workout to try to keep things loose.


Mental P Mama said...


noble pig said...

Ummm, you some pills!

Donalyn said...

I never learn either - I jump out there and work my butt off and then can't move for a week!

Chris H said...

Ya ninny! don't do that again will you! I hope the pain is going by now?