Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photo Parade!

Hi All!

Time for a LOT of photos! I was in the mood to "shoot" this morning so . .. here they are!

First up is a view of the new, improved strawberry security system I "installed" last night after finding several almost ripe strawberries had been "sampled" by local birds.

Before, I had the netting just draped over the pot and, apparently, the birds simply landed on the netting and ate the strawberries through the little holes! Darn birds!

I put a paper plate on the stake about halfway down to hold the netting out from the plants. It is held in place by a rubber band under the plate.

The netting is light and flies around in the wind (it is always windy here!) so I devised some "weights" to hold it down. My weights are made of five nails and a twist tie. The deployment of several of these weights around the perimeter of the pot should (keep your fingers crossed) keep the netting in place. We will see if this plan works to foil the berry munching birds so Hubby and I can get some berries.

Speaking of berries . . . there are lots!

See . . . almost ready for dessert!

Moving on . . . here are my tomato plants. They look a bit tattered because they had to weather a cold snap. Poor things.

One of the plants is working on two nice tomatoes. Soon it will be time to net these up against the sinister birds!

Here is the pot of "flowers" I planted. I, being pretty ignorant of plants, didn't know the plant in the center would take over like this. Oh well, it is pretty and blooming its heart out!

These little purple flowers are along the side with some ivy. There is the same plant on the other side of the pot with white flowers. Pretty!

See these colorful pots and the bags of potting soil? This is what made my back very, very angry with me when I moved them (the soil - the pots are plastic and very light). Bad Trisha!

These Bougainvillea are destined to be planted in the colorful pots. Just as soon as I can handle it.
Around the corner of the house, here is my "new" flowerbed. It is looking pretty good from this angle!

The frog and the blue ball are temporary visitors . . . well, maybe temporary! They came to live in the back while the front flowerbeds were being ripped up by the foundation guys. They look like they enjoy this location, don't they?

This plant, which I have already forgotten the name of, is blooming. I think it adds a certain "interest" to my flowerbed with its dark foliage.

This blurry picture is of the little Hosta that got sat on during the foundation work. It might recover. I think you can . . . . I think you can . . .

Another victim of foundation work, this Hosta came out of it all in a little better shape. It is growing new leaves. Go, Hosta, go!

My Clematis "sisters." One (on the left) is the kind that grows from the old vines every Spring. The tiny one on the right has to grow from the roots. It is trying!

These are my Cone flowers which, until two days ago, were glorious. They were getting tall and I was pretty sure that they were working up to blooming. Then . . . rabbits! The reddish-brown stuff on the leaves is chili powder. I am hoping we don't have rabbits who like spicy food!

In this corner . . . the moon flower trellis just waiting for some sprouts. I don't know if I should give up hope or not . . . .

Well, that is the Photo Parade for today. I hope you enjoyed it!
Voice Update: Crunchy, crunchy, crunchy! I am working on it but the bad back and stiff neck (yes, still have that!) are making it difficult. Frustrating!

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noble pig said...

I love the strawberry security system! Brilliant!