Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who Needs Television?

Hi All!

Today I am actually out of bed! Yeah! While I am not feeling 100% yet I certainly feel better than yesterday so that is an improvement! It might be a good thing that I feel better since I have a quiz tonight in class. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Today I want to show you the best entertainment in my house. The cats. Last week (or maybe the weekend - I forget), I bought a crinkle tunnel for the kitties from Wal*Mart.

As you can see, both cats carefully studied the new addition to their environment. The string you see is the "fishing pole" toy that both kitties really enjoy. I was trying to lure the cats into the tunnel with the toy. It didn't work too well but Skor did attack the string.

Miss Cleo was definitely curious but didn't actually go through the tunnel. She tried once but Skor came charging through the other way and basically deterred her effort. That was that. She didn't try again. Poor Miss Cleo!

Skor, on the other hand, took to the tunnel right away. He runs through it. He rolls around in it. He loves to chase the toy out the end of the tunnel and will take the toy into the tunnel when he catches it - the toy, not the tunnel. The tunnel doesn't really move fast enough for Skor to chase and catch it!

I thought that this picture was fun. Look at that bushy tail on Skor! Wow! In truth, it took me forever to get this picture because each time I stuck the camera down into the end of the tunnel Skor would come right up to it to investigate. It is hard to take a picture of a cat whose nose is pressed against the lens. A bit blurry!

Oh well - I guess that is cats for you! With the entertainment of cats running through crinkle tunnels, who needs television?


Voice Update: Doing okay. Still not great but okay.


Anonymous said...

That would keep me amused for hours! I wonder what the Brute Squad would think of it?

I love Skor's tail!

Coffee Bean said...

ACK! I need be better about keeping up with your blog! I'm sorry you were sick and glad that you are feeling better.

I love watching animals play. I like to pretend they are talking to each other and come up with what I think they are saying.

My doctor called the other day. He is very upset that the injection didn't work. We are trying again on the 17th.

noble pig said...

Glad you are feeling better, now I'm sick!