Sunday, December 21, 2008

21 Degrees in Texas!

Hi All!

When Hubby and I first moved to Texas, it was in September and the temperatures were still in the hundreds. Couple this with our visit to look for apartments in August and I was certain that we were moving to HELL! I had never lived anywhere that the temps were that high. I didn't think I could ever get used it to and I was pretty much right.

Then came the winter. True, Fall sort of flew by in the space of a week or so but winter was WONDERFUL! It was chilly but never really too cold. I think that during that first winter it only got down to around 32 degrees once and then warmed up to a respectable 40 or so for the rest of the "cold spell."

As the years passed I learned to deal with the summer heat by basically staying inside where the air conditioning kept things cool. The winter was when Hubby and I did most of our our doors activities such as gardening and walking the neighborhood. Apparently, everyone had the same idea because the sidewalks would be full of people in the winter and practically bare in the summer (with the exception of those runners who run no matter what the temperature is!).

Most winters I would wear my Fall clothes from Ohio and sometimes I would even wear short sleeves. There were many days when I would wait for Hubby to pick me up from school (we car pooled - he said it was the only way he could be sure that I would come home at a decent time) and sit outside in the sun with no coat on and be fine. This was the life! Or so I thought.

Then came all of the talk about global warming. I was a little worried. I mean, it already hits the hundreds here and if it is getting warmer . . . that doesn't sound good! However, I was pretty confident that the winters would be warm (well, relatively anyway).

This year has been strange!

Our normal winter cold snaps last a week, maybe two, tops. This year it has been COLD for longer than that. Normally the really cold stuff doesn't hit our area until after the first of the year - maybe January or early February. This year the cold started in November and has kept on coming. BRRRRR!

Sunday is the day I allow myself to sleep in (the whole church thing is being discussed by Hubby and myself but is on a hiatus right now). I don't walk and I don't IM with my mother. The pressure to be somewhere by a certain time is pretty much off my shoulders. So - this morning I conned Hubby into feeding the cats at 6:30 and I snuggled into the covers and snoozed blissfully for a few more hours. *Note - the cats had been on top of me since about 5:20 so I was awake but I didn't want to actually get up!

At about 9:00, I woke up, stretched and decided that I had slept enough for the time being. I was getting up to start my day. Hubby was awake and so we decided to look at his handy-dandy weather station to check the temp. That is when I realized it was only 22 degrees! Hubby wanted to find out what the coldest temp had been (and when) so he checked the history function and found that it had been 21 degrees just this morning. The coldest temp of the year! Yikes!

We live in Texas! It isn't supposed to be that cold. I got rid of all my long underwear years ago. My wool sweaters haven't seen the light of day for years!

Something just isn't right around here!


Voice Update: Well, I sort of fell off the wagon yesterday and only did massage once. Somehow I just forgot! I know, I know. That isn't a good excuse and I am pretty upset at myself. I am getting right back on that routine today! Why is it so hard to do routines which are good for you and so easy to fall into bad routines - like watching tv and eating bon-bons?


noble pig said...

The weather is changing everywhere. I just left a blizzard in Oregon where it never snows. Yeah, what's happening.

Mental P Mama said...

We have no Global Warming here yet. But I have my bathing suits--er--mumus, ready.

Chris H said...

It's so confusing when you Americans talk temperatures cos you are still dealing with Farenheit and we are using Celcius.... so when you said it was 21 degrees I thought, WOW its warm there for winter... cos it's summer here and we have around 21-25 degrees at the moment, but it's in Celcius ! So I have no idea how cold it is over there! I suppose I could google it and find out eh? Might do that now in fact! bye!

Chris H said...

Ok I did it, 21 degrees F = 6.1 degrees Celcius.... so it's not too cold there is it!