Friday, December 19, 2008

Do You Wii?

Hi All!

I just finished walking (I stopped by C's house to see where in the world she has been lately - she was making gumbo!) AND doing my weights! That is three days in a row - I think. Or is it two? I am getting so confused! Because of my propensity to lose track of the days (according to Hubby that is what happens when you don't work), I have decided to add a list on my sidebar keeping track of my consecutive days of massage, walking, and weights. Won't that be fun?

To be honest, the walking and weights will just be consecutive while skipping Sunday since I take that day off to rest. The massage though will be seven days a week!

Speaking of massage, I was good yesterday and did all three sessions of massage. Another big "Yeah" for me!

Do you Wii?

Hubby and I do. We got the Wii a while back and have been having fun with it ever since. No, we do not have children but, the Wii is fun for adults as well as for the younger set. Hubby is practically addicted to the bowling. Me, I like to spread my attention around. I do the sports, Mario and Sonic's Olympics, and Mario Galaxy. Maybe I have a short attention span?

Last night Hubby and I got out the Wii right after he got home from work. He wanted to take a nap but the sheets were in the wash so . . . we Wiied. After three games of bowling we went on to a round of golf (nine holes). Then we took a break to eat dinner (stuffed shells from Sam's with cheese bread and green beans) and to watch Hogan's Heroes (Hubby's newest TV obsession). Then we played baseball and tennis. Hubby wasn't too fond of the tennis (probably because I beat him) but sort of like the baseball once he found out that he could throw different pitches which I just could NOT hit.

For those of you who think Wii is a passive game like most video games - you are mistaken! After doing all those sports my arms, already complaining a bit from the morning weight routine, were really letting me know what they thought of me! That is a good thing, right?

Buckeye update: Do you remember the tray of Buckeyes I sent to Hubby's office for the party yesterday (Buckeyes are the peanut butter things)? Well, he came home with a tray which was practically licked clean. He said that the Buckeyes were gone in less than half an hour!


Voice Update: Doing pretty good since my massage is on track. Last night while I couldn't sleep I thought about getting mister timer out and trying to figure out how to set it for four hours to help me remember my three sessions of massage and exercise a day. I will have to get him out and see if he even goes up that high. If not, I guess I could always use the timer on the oven!


Mental P Mama said...

I don't Wii. But I feel like I got a workout in just by reading this!

Coffee Bean said...

We don't have a Wii. Good for you on all your walking and stuff! Those peanut butter things look YUMMY!

Chris H said...

Our two littles have Wii... sounds like I need to learn how to use it! I have plenty of time to give it a go afterall. I'm glad you enjoy it so much!

AG said...

I don't Wii either. But it sure sounds like fun!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Sounds like a great way to live!

We DO Wii, thanks for asking ;-) (it's so funny, over here the kids use "wee" as a potty word so saying we wii makes me giggle-- immature, I know). Anyhoo-- the baseball KILLs my arm. I take competition very seriously and a game of golf or bowling gets full-on activity from me.
You have to try Raving Rabbids, we LOVE it. There's one where you sit in a theater trying to talk and text on your cell phone without getting caught-- it's hilarious. I pulled my elbow on that one.

Arwyn Y. said...

My husband bought me a Wii for my birthday/wedding anniversary nearly two years ago. This past year I bought Wii Fit. That really gives a workout! On Wii Fit there are aerobics, yoga, and strength training exercises, as well as some balance games. I've been on it almost daily lately, as well as going to the gym. I try to mix up my exercises on the Wii Fit, but for aerobics I tend to do the Super Hula Hoop exercise.