Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Weight Room

Hi All!

A while ago I copied some weight routines (I hesitate to call them weight LIFTING routines as they only use two pound weights) from my copy of the Oprah magazine. They seemed perfect for me. Why? Well, primarily because they promised to only take ten minutes a day!

You probably know by now that I have some problems getting into a routine and sticking with it. Wait - that reminds me to stop and do my massage and exercises. Hold on a minute . . . .

Ooh - my throat is a bit more "crunchy" than it was yesterday. Not good.

Anyway - back to the weights. Oprah Magazine had this article about working out in ten minutes a day and it sounded perfect to me. Now I do walk every morning for about 45 minutes to a hour so this would just supplement and give me some weight work to help with my arm flab. Plus the article had nice pictures showing just what to do. There are three routines which you alternate for a total of 6 days. On the seventh day you rest or do yoga or something else.

I copied the article and put it in my "to do" envelope. And quickly forgot about it. Every once in a while I would think about it again and think that I should get the article out and get to work. After all, I had the weights up in the bonus room. Well, on Monday I actually started! Since it was very, very cold here (yes, I KNOW it gets colder than 25 in other parts of the country but this IS Texas, you know!) I didn't walk but rather spend some quality time huffing and puffing on my elliptical machine. Then I spied those colorful pictures.

Taking a minute to regain my breath from the elliptical, I lovingly put the articles into plastic page protectors so that my sweat wouldn't ruin them. Then I read day one (and four). Hmmmm. I think I can do that! I grabbed my weights and went to town. I felt so good when I finished the entire set (which is only four different exercises)! Then I realized that the article suggests that you do two whole sets of the exercises for your ten minutes.

What? I had barely gotten through the one set in ten minutes! I guess it is something to work up to!

I felt good all day for actually starting that exercise routine. Again - you know me and routines! I didn't do anything yesterday other than walk an abbreviated route in the below freezing weather. No weights. No new routine (and only two sessions of massage!). Nuts!

Well, today it is a bit warmer out (a whole 30 degrees when I started walking!) and I did my walk and then went right up to the bonus room and did day three (and six) of the routine. Yeah! Maybe I am heading in the right direction!

Wish me luck!

On other topics: yesterday I installed a wireless card onto my computer upstairs - which is the "reject" computer from downstairs. This is the computer on which I record and edit all of my podcasts. Up until now I have had to put the podcasts on my jump drive, come downstairs, start up the computer down here, and then load the podcast to the host site. What a pain in the neck!

Yesterday I recorded a short podcast and I put it onto the host site all at the computer upstairs. It was heaven!

Hubby and I went out to eat last night at Boston Market (which, by the way is where we originally met about 12 and a half years ago - not the same exact restaurant - one in Ohio). I got a chicken potpie. This shocked Hubby since I almost always get the meatloaf because he doesn't like it and I don't make it at home. The potpie was hot out of the oven (I saw them bring them out just before I ordered) and was just perfect for a cold night! The meal was surprisingly filling as well. All night I had a pleasant full feeling.

After Boston Market we hit Sam's Club. No, we didn't rob it or anything like that! We just went in and bought stuff we didn't really need. Hubby gets his contacts from Sam's and so we go every once in a while for that and then pick up stuff while we are there. This trip yielded rubber gloves (Hubby uses them when changing the oil in the cars), frozen stuffed shells (very good!), frozen snow crab legs (our "new" item for this trip), ink cartridges for the printer, and a pumpkin cheesecake (my favorite!). What a haul!

The irony of the cheesecake purchase is that Hubby's mother and brother sent us a package from Omaha Steaks which we got yesterday. It included four fillets and a cheesecake. But - it wasn't pumpkin!

As you might know - pumpkin rules!


Voice Update: If you want to hear how things are going, check out my newest podcast. I wasn't too happy with the way I sounded but others say I sound great. I only did two sessions of massage yesterday. For some reason, I guess I thought that thinking of massage at noon would count! WRONG! Still, twice is better than none at all, right?


Mental P Mama said...

And now i want some chicken pot pie.

MUD said...

Is everyone asleep at the wheel? Ocrah is at least 60 lbs overweight. Using her as a guide is like using Richard Simmons as a guide for manly behavior. I just love his cute little red shorts and curly permed hair. It is a good thing to do your best and get enough exercise but leave the Black fat madonna out of it. MUD

Flea said...

I LOVE their pot pie! And their creamed spinach! So jealous ... and drooling ...

Chris H said...

Well done doing the weights~!