Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shopping Spree and Stuff

Hi All!

Yesterday, Mom and I went shopping for me. We went to Lane Bryant - nothing! I couldn't even find five pair of underwear in my size to buy! That is depressing! I did find a shirt that was half-way decent and a neat pair of jeans but I didn't feel like paying that much for jeans I would have to shorten and a shirt I would have to shorten. Why do these stores think that anyone who is "bigger" is taller too? Shirts that come down to the knees are just not too flattering!
On the way out of the mall through Dillards, Mom found TWO pair of shoes. One is a cute pair of high heel mules in a tan leather and the other is an adorable pair of ankle boots (is that what you call the boots that don't come above the ankle?) in black. Temptation made me want a pair but I realized that I currently have no where to wear them since, as Hubby tells me, I don't get out much (technically I get out of the house every day but Hubby thinks that because I don't work that I am wasting away in the house. Silly Hubby!). Then, before we made it out of the store, she found a beautiful, hunter green, leather jacket. We were looking in the women's department for clothes FOR ME and she found a jacket that she liked. We headed over to the other side of the store to try different colors on and guess what! She bought it!

Wasn't the shopping trip supposed to be for me?

I did manage to cut my finger on something while trying on clothes at Lane Bryant. Luckily, I didn't bleed on any clothes but the darn little cut (not even sure where I got it or how I cut it) hurts like the dickens! What a super shopping trip for me.

Before heading home we stopped off to visit the big cows. These are statues of Texas Longhorn cattle in a shopping center. They are arranged to look sort of like a cattle drive. There are cowboys on horses (also statues) along the route and markers with explanations of everything about the cattle drive. Admittedly, the cows are impressive and normally I am too busy getting somewhere to stop and look at them. For some reason, Mom really likes these cows. She wants to visit them every time she is down here visiting. Yesterday I really wanted to walk the entire trail and read all of the little markers but it was too cold and windy! Yes, it was too cold and windy in Texas to walk about half a mile!

I am such a wimp.

Then again, Mom and I walked this morning and it was only 37 degrees when I woke up. That wasn't too wimpy! The wind was whipping around and made things even more chilly - especially because the sun wasn't up high enough to clear the trees and we were walking in the shade. Brrrrr!

Surprisingly, my knees are feeling better today. You would think the chill in the air would get them aching but . . . no - they are feeling better. Maybe that is because my head is taking its turn at aching. Geesh! I sound like I am ninety years old - complaining about my aches and pains! Cut finger. Achey knees. Headaches. Someone stop me before I complain again!

Skor is sad to see Mom and Dad go. Here he is trying to find his way into their suitcase so they can take him for a trip to Ohio. Really, he is just being his curious self.

Mom and Dad leave today. I will be taking them to the airpot before heading to class. Only two more weeks of class! YEAH! Today is a review for the final which is next week. Thursday we take the final test quiz - which is to prepare us for the final. Then, next week we have two days of testing and . . . we are out of there! I can't wait!
Voice Update: I am not talking today! Well . . . maybe a little.


Mental P Mama said...

I need to get down there and teach you to shop! Nothing??? Surely there was something you could get! I do like those shoes. You'd better check that Skor is still there....

Anonymous said...

Love your description of the shopping trip... and the ankle boots are to die for!

Woman in a Window said...

And freezing was too cold to walk the trails? Boy, you'd never make it up here. I just dropped the car off for a service and luckily I wore my knee-high snowboots 'cause snow is just that high through the field between me and the garage. And with wind chill it's -20 farenheit, which translates to pretty damned cold celsius!