Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Big Game

Hi All!

Today is the big game! My college, Mount Union College, located in Alliance, Ohio, is playing Wisconsin White Water for the division 3a (I have no idea - is that the REALLY small college division???) football championship. The Alonzo Stagg Bowl. How exciting!

The most exciting thing is that we can actually watch the game on television. Every other game of the season we have had to listen to on the computer. That is right, we listen to it on the radio on the computer. The only radio station that really carries every game is the college radio station WRMU. We can stream it live and let me tell you - it is an experience!

College radio means college students doing everything from the play by play to the news and weather. The students calling the game are pretty good, in my very amateurish opinion. The ones doing the news and weather, however, can be a very different story.

Hubby and I like to pick out "favorites." My recent favorite was a girl who read the weather like she was translating it from ancient Greek. She would get a word or two out and then pause. Another word or two and a pause. Sometimes she would get an entire sentence out. Of course, it made absolutely no sense and she would follow it with an apology and another try but, it was an entire sentence. I felt so sorry for her!

Hubby's favorite is the guy who sounds like he should be in a melodrama. His voice seems more suited for voice overs or infomercials than for the lowly weather and news. You can almost picture this guy twirling his mustache while tying a helpless woman to the railroad tracks.

Back to the game. I can't tell you how excited I am. Well, I can, really. I am more excited than when I "get" to go grocery shopping but less excited than when a new Grey's Anatomy is on. How is that for a gauge?

Last year, my college lost in the championship game and it made me way too nervous to watch through to the end and I had to leave the room. Hopefully, today will be better, both for me and for the team!

Go Purple Raiders!

I am proud to have completed another day of vocal exercises AND another day of walking and weights. C, who told me she was walking "for sure" today, stood me up! Oh well! That just meant that I got to listen to more of my podcasts!


Voice Update: Well, I was thinking I was doing really well and then Hubby came home. For some reason I had a lot of problems talking to him. Was I nervous? Was my voice not used to talking to other humans (I talk to the cats all day long)? Frustrating, especially since I am being good about my exercises and massage! *sigh* Having SD as a dance partner is always unpredictable!


Mental P Mama said...

Go Raiders!

Anonymous said...

Good for you on the excercises!

Hubs is a college football fan. I am more attuned to the pros! If our power stays on, I predict much college football today!

noble pig said...

I love college ball. As far as divisions, Division 1 are the big college games on TV so 3a....I've never heard of it. But it's nonetheless exciting!