Monday, December 22, 2008

Ham Bone

Hi All!

Occasionally I do post about food on my blog but, for the most part, I am just an ordinary cook who produces pretty plebeian food. My food is not usually blog worthy and I am humbled to read blogs by people who actually create recipes and have well stocked pantries!

Today I am digging an old ham bone (well, it is from Thanksgiving so it isn't that old) out of the freezer and will be attempting to make soup of some sort with it. I have never done this and have absolutely no clue how to really go about it. Right now the bone is simmering in some water on the stove. We will see how it turns out. My soup will probably be a crude recreation of the "Stone Soup" story as I scavenge things from my pantry to add to the mix.

I'll let you know how it works out.

Today I got out in the cold weather (only 26 degrees! I know that isn't cold for some places but for Texas, it is COLD!) and walked. Of course C didn't walk and I actually didn't stop as I walked past her house. Oh well! I guess some people aren't as dedicated as I am. Or maybe she just isn't as nuts as I am!

My weight routine was completed this morning also! I feel so good about that. Now to get to my vocal exercises and massage. Hold on a minute while I do session one . . .

Okay - that is done. Only two more and I will be back on track for the massage and exercises! Wouldn't that be good? Maybe Santa would put me on the "nice" list instead of the "naughty" list then!

Yesterday Hubby and I got busy organizing our bonus room. That room wasn't supposed to be in our house but the attic space was so large that we had a room put up there with a nice dormer. I really like the space and so it is pretty much mine. I have my computer up there and do my podcasts up there. I also have a nice new couch and a tv which works so I am set. My sewing machine is there too for when I feel inspired to sew, sew, sew.

Anyway - I have boxes and boxes of stuff from my teaching career stored up in the bonus room. I had it all stacked neatly in view next to my desk in the dormer but decided it looked a bit too much like a warehouse motif. Hubby suggested that we move the boxes to the area behind the couch where they would be a bit hidden. So - with Hubby sweeping the carpet and me carrying the heavy boxes (it was a bad day for Hubby's back), we got to work. While I was up there this morning doing my weights I realized it looks pretty darn good! Yeah us!

Sorry this post is so darn boring. The muse just left me this morning when I sat at the computer. Hope to do better tomorrow!


Voice Update: Well, other than falling off the wagon, so to speak, with my routine, I am doing pretty well. As expected with not working out my cords, I am missing some of those unvoiced consonants once in a while. I am back on track though!


Anonymous said...

The stone soup theory totally works! That ham bone will make great stock. Even better if it still has some meat falling off the bone! Throw in some lentils, tiny pasta and an assortment of veggies and herbs (tarragon and italian parsley) and you'll be set!


Mental P Mama said...

When I saw Ham Bone, I thought of soup, too. Split Pea soup. I am crazy. Aren't I? By the way, if I had a bonus room like that, no one would ever see me again;)

noble pig said...

Oh Split pea, Navy Bean...or whatever...yum...can't wait to hear what you decide!

Coffee Bean said...

Your soup will be fabulous!

You are so good about your walks and exercises. I hate you. JUST KIDDING. I wish we lived in the same neighborhood so you could kick my butt.

Chris H said...

MERRY CHISTMAS, you have a wonderful day!