Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Melange of Miscellaneous

Hi All!

Drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . .

Well, I have now made it two whole days in my routine of walking and weights. YEAH! I must admit that my arms are a bit more tired today than they were yesterday. Today was "day 1/4" so I had seen the exercises before and I could do them a little easier than on the real day 1!

For those of you out there who are poo-pooing my use of an exercise routine from Oprah because of her recent weight gain . . . the routine comes from her trainer not her. It isn't HIS fault that she fell off the wagon. Like the old saying goes . . . "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink."

Drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . .

Last night I finished dipping my buckeyes for Hubby's office party. Wait - I took pictures . . . I will get them on here.

After I make the centers (peanut butter, butter, vanilla, and powdered sugar) I put them in the freezer to facilitate the whole dipping routine. If I don't do this I tend to lose them off the toothpicks into the chocolate and that is just a big mess!

I couldn't quite pull of a picture of me actually dipping the centers since I needed two hands and Hubby wasn't in the mood to help me by taking pictures. Isn't that funny? He didn't feel like helping me and I was making these for HIS party? Ironic!

A slightly fuzzy close up. I love these things. They are so yummy and are addictive! I could have eaten them all up right then. Lucky for Hubby, I controlled myself and only ate the one that fell into the chocolate and didn't have a nice center showing (if you look closely at the fist picture you can see it in the row closest to the front).

This morning I neatly arranged the little balls of peanut buttery goodness on a holiday tray for Hubby to take to work. Isn't it interesting how all that work doesn't look like all that much on a tray?

I did save a few to give to the neighbors and to snack on. How could I resist?

Drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . .

While I had the camera out I took a picture of the truffles I had left from last week. There were only a few of them left but you can get the idea. Some were rolled in cocoa, some in powdered sugar, and some in pecans. They didn't take too nice of a picture because they had spent a few days mingling in the same baggie together.

That is is for cooking and/or candy pictures for the time being.

Hubby and I bought the kitties a new cat tree at Big Lots! last night. It is well made and sturdy. The only problem is that it doesn't have a scratching post tall enough to let Skor really stretch out and scratch. Hubby is thinking of how to amend this to accommodate our kitten.

Both cats really took to the tree right away. Miss Cleo seems to think the little tunnel at the bottom is her own personal hide-out. Skor seems to like the upper apartment better. The only problem is where we have the tree in this picture. Why is that a problem you ask? Let me show you!

The mantel has been one of the only places the little bugger hasn't been able to get onto. When we saw this we knew that we had to move the tree so we moved it back by the window in the background. It is far enough to ensure that Skor doesn't leap onto the mantle but is a bit in the way when we come out of the master bedroom. The door to the bedroom is to the right past the fireplace.

Drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . .

Do you hear that? That dripping sound? No? Listen closely.

Drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . drip . . .

Now do you hear it? Yes? What is it? Well, that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of water dripping down the downspout right outside my bedroom window. No, it isn't raining. This dripping is from the fog that is enrobing this part of the world. The humidity is at 100% at night and the fog gathers on the roof and condenses and then drips. ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

Last night was the SECOND night of the dripping. Hubby didn't even notice it on the first night until about 5 in the morning. Me - I heard it all night long. ALL NIGHT LONG!

How annoying is it to have that constant drip you might ask? I am about ready to go out and rip the stupid downspout off the house.

Let's just hope it doesn't drip again tonight.


Voice Update: I was good yesterday and managed to get in all of my massage. I even worked the "thumper" for a while. Now let's see if I can do two in a row. My voice is sounding really good with few breaks. It is amazing how much following Susan's advice helps me out!


Mental P Mama said...

That dripping is annoying the crap out of me, and I am in Connecticut! Those buckeyes look wonderful, and I was also eyeballing those Klondike bars in your freezer;)

Chris H said...

Peanut butter things dipped in chocolate... oh my gawd that sounds evil... and soooo yummy! Send me some eh? Drip drip drip... yep that would drive me demented too! Make your hubby FIX IT RIGHT NOW!!!!

Chris H said...

Ive heard a helicopter hovering over your home will drive away a fog!!!!! ha ha ha

AG said...

I love the cat house! And the dipped peanut butter looks fabulous. Seriously! I love chocolate and peanut butter!