Saturday, December 6, 2008

Allergy Wars

Hi All!

For the past several mornings it has been at or below freezing here in Texas. While it is a bit early for this kind of cold weather here, I have actually been grateful for it. Well, I thought I would be grateful.

You see, I am fighting the Allergy Wars down here! In Ohio, where I was born and raised, I never, ever, had allergies. Here. It is a totally different story and I am not adjusting well. I HATE, HATE, HATE allergies! They are mean and nasty and I could definitely live without them.

Luckily, I am not like my poor Hubby who has really bad allergies for which he needs to take medicine and stuff. No, my allergies are more sneaky and annoying. I get a little tickle in my throat a couple times a year which won't go away no matter what I try. Then, I get a few sessions of sneezes. And by sneezes I mean the HUGE, no holds barred sneezes which make you think I am going to sneeze my brain out through my nose. Those come up about four times a year. And then there is the eye thing . . . .

I have been getting these nasty little headaches right behind my eyes. Not behind both at once - it takes turns behind each eye. They are not the Knock-you-out migraines that I get - just little aches which remind you constantly that they are there. Now, I thought that the headaches were due to my needing glasses so I went to the eye doctor and got my eyes checked. She told me that I didn't need glasses yet and that the probable cause for my headaches was ALLERGIES! Eye allergies!

Most people I know who have eye allergies tell me that their eyes get itchy and sort of burn. My eyes never itch or burn. They just feel very, very tired. The eye doctor told me that there were several options to deal with eye allergies. First, I could take prescription eye drops. I would need to use then every day even if my eyes were fine. That didn't sound too fun to me. Next, I could try over-the-counter eye allergy drops. That sounded a bit better. Finally, I could try just moisturizing drops to flush out my eyes when they feel bad. Bingo! I decided to try to least daunting and, if I had to, work my way up the chain.

So . . . for the past several months I have had a bottle of eye drops hanging out in my purse and stuff. When my eyes feel tired I flush out my eyes. It is sort of neat because it makes me look like I am crying with the drops rolling down my cheeks.

Anyway - my eyes have been fine for several months and then about a month ago - the little headaches began again. Darn those things! I am determined that I will conquer these things. I have been flushing my eyes and making sure to use nose spray when I get a bit stuffy (just to make sure the headaches aren't sinus related). My strategy seems to be working. However, I need to flush my eyes out several times a day and usually when I am driving home from ASL lab. Not a problem. Just do it at the stop lights. WRONG! Yesterday I really needed eye drops and EVERY SINGLE LIGHT I GOT TO WAS GREEN! Yikes!

What does all of this have to do with the weather? Well, the cold, cold weather is supposed to STOP all of the allergens, right? I don't think it is doing its job this year because my headaches are happening during the cold snap! *Sigh* I guess I will just have to keep fighting the Allergy Wars.

Does anyone have good ways (without prescriptions) to fight allergy eyes?


Voice Update: It is doing well. I need to get some neck and shoulder massage going - the allergy war really makes me tense and that isn't too good for my voice!


Mental P Mama said...

I was diagnosed with asthma three years ago, and now I get shots for the allergies that cause it. I wonder what you are allergic to? Zyrtec might help....ask the doc.

Chris H said...

Oh so sorry about the allergies! I have only ever had one allergic reaction to anything, a medication that gave me hives for a month! No ideas for your eyes mate!

noble pig said...

Allergies are the worst. Not sure what the temp is that kills the allergens becuase some winter allergens proliferate in the cold and damp. Feel better.

Asthmagirl said...

I've always been grateful that even though I ended up with asthma, I didn't get the allergies that usually go with it. I agree with Mama, talk with your doctor about options for treatment. There's no point in being miserable.
Feel better!