Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Little of This . . .

Hi All!

Well, I think the dizziness is over (wait a minute as I find some wood to knock on!). Hopefully, I will be able to hit the mall to buy some new tennis shoes and to check out some clothes stores.

While I hardly ever feel like clothes shopping, I have the "bug" for some reason today. Probably because my closet and armoire are looking so clean and neat! We will see if I find anything interesting.

Oh - Skor wants to say "Hello!"

Notice the lack of flash? It isn't because it wasn't on - it is because Skor is actually blocking the flash with his head! What a crazy boy!

Well, Hubby and I didn't walk last night because of my dizzy spells but I thought you might enjoy this picture I took the last time we walked.

I like the view through the round part of the fence. What do you think? Hubby says that it is "different" which is man code for "I don't really like it but I think you do so . . . I won't say anything I think will make you mad!" What a guy!
Would anyone out there be interested in purchasing some bookmarks? I was talking to my mother last night on the phone and realized that they are slowly starting to take over my music/reading room. Plus, it would be nice to get a little extra income now that I am a "kept woman!" If you are interested, let me know and we will see what we can work out.
Hmmm. I think that is about all I have for today. The dizziness must have taken some of my creativity out for a walk and it is a bit late returning!
Have a super day!
Voice Update: I didn't do much massage or exercise yesterday or Sunday due to dizziness and headaches. You can tell - I am having problems with those darned unvoiced consonants again. Yuck! I am going to get back on it today and I have speech tomorrow so . . . I am sure Susan will get it whipped back into shape.


Anonymous said...

I like the shot with the fence. I'm not just saying that.

Hope the dizziness passes!

Chris H said...

I hope you are totally over the dizziness!
AND I totally love that photo through the fence.. it's awesome.