Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi All!

The ship has now pulled away fro the dock in Valdez, Alaska. It is drizzling a bit but nothing major. Hubby and I spent the morning touring Valdez. We got a walking map and did all of it. This was an accomplishment because it was trying to rain the entire time we were walking. Luckily, we didn't get too wet!

I stopped at a neat little glass shop called The Glass Mermaid. It is a glass studio and shop and today was the first day it was open! Yeah! I HAD to buy something so I bought a neat little bed. Hubby now says that I need to stop buying beads and find a way to sell some to make up the cost. Who knows, maybe people will start buying my bookmarks!

Anyway, I also stopped into the Magpie Bakery for a cupcake (very good and definitely home made!) as a snack. All of the people in Valdez were very friendly. A nice little (with the emphasis on little) place to visit.

When we got back to the ship we had lunch (of course - the days are always centered on eating when you are on a cruise!) and then headed up to the library for some reading time. When we looked out of the windows of the library we saw the the rain had finally broken through and it was raining quite nicely! We felt good knowing that we were safe inside reading our books.

Did I tell you that Hubby is reading a book I got him for Christmas? I am pretty shocked myself but he is determined to finish the book by the end of the cruise! He is doing well as he is more than half way through. Unfortunately, the remaining two chapters are REALLY long while the first 10 were pretty short. I know he can do it!

Personally, I am on the third of my three cruise books. I have already finished two and donated them to the library paperback trading library. I hope to pick up a book or two from that library to read for the rest of the cruise and the trip home.

Right now I am sitting near the window in the internet cafe and watching icebergs go by - quite neat! I think I saw a sea lion also but it was pretty far away - I am on the 9th floor . I am currently watching to see what else I can see.

Well, I think I had better get this posted and then head to the room to pick up Hubby for dinner. We wouldn't want to miss that!

I hope all of you are having a good week and I will try to post again soon. Tomorrow we are headed to Juneau and will be taking a tour to Anchorage. It will be our first time to Anchorage so we are a little excited!


Voice Update: My voice is doing well but I am not being too good about my exercises. Bad me!


Chris H said...

Isn't there anything exciting to do on board besides read a book!!!! Not that reading isn't good... but you could do that at home!
Stew does not read books at all.. whereas I read masses! Wonder what he would do on a cruise instead of reading?
ICEBERGS.... ooooohhh no, coldness! NO thanks!

Mental P Mama said...

I am on a vicarious trip! This is going on my definite list!