Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi All!

This past weekend I went to a graduation open house for a student I taught in fifth grade. Yes, I know I am getting old! She was in my very first fifth grade class and her brother was in my last fifth grade class. Weird, huh?

Anyway, I made her two bookmarks and made this nifty card to give them to her.

The bookmarks are hanging out the front of the card with the rest of the bookmard inside the card. I covered the rest of the bookmarks up with a page I had written a message on. I thought it was a clever way of giving her the bookmarks.

I did have a moment when I thought that she may not be going to SMU (Southern Methodist University). I panicked but then just wrote in the card that if she was going somewhere else, she should let me know so I can remake the bookmark for her.

Luckily, she is going to SMU!

I am happy to say that I wasn't dizzy at all yesterday! Maybe the whole dizzy routine was just a passing bug of some kind. My temperature is normal (for me that means 97.4) and my blood pressure is low but okay (my doctor and I had a nice chat about my low blood pressure situation the last time I went to see her). The dizziness was starting to worry me just a bit.

Luckily, I am feeling fine now. I did get some new, snazzy tennis shoes (Nike). They are white with silver and pink trim. Hubby says they make me look like Wonder Woman with the silver on them. I don't think they are that "flashy." I think they are pretty. Maybe tomorrow I will get a picture of them on the blog so you can tell me what you think.

After buying the shoes I headed to Lane Bryant to shop for clothes (remember the newly cleaned out closet!). Let me tell you, I tried on a LOT of clothes (even a swimsuit!). However, I walked out of the store with NOTHING! Hubby was so happy about the lack of spending. Me, however, I was a little sad. Everything fit but nothing looked right. **sigh!**

Oh well! At least I looked.

Today will be a busy day getting ready for our cruise. We are leaving tomorrow morning and that means a flurry of packing and stuff tonight! What fun! Last night the cat sitters came over to get the run-down. Hubby and I are hoping that Skor and Miss Cleo actually come out to see them while we are gond. Apparently, the last time these two cat sat (is that correct grammar?) neither cat came out to see them at all! And Skor is such an attention hound!

While the cat sitters were here last night Miss Cleo hid but Skor stayed out watching. He almost went up to one of the pair but, her hands smelled like vinegar from a science project she was doing while running a day camp so Skor didn't like that too much.

I spent some time last night "Skor proofing" the house. Putting away things which might "amuse" Skor while we are gone. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Well, I am headed to speech and to get a haircut today so I will leave you with one of my sunsets!

Have a super day!

Voice Update: I am still missing a lot of unvoiced consonants. This came on rather suddenly during the whole dizzy episode and doesn't seem to want to be worked out. Maybe the stress from being dizzy tightened things up?


Mental P Mama said...

You are so talented! I love that card and those bookmarks;) Have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

How cool that you kept up with her through the years!!! Awwwww!

You know... I have a lot of problems with dizziness. Kind of makes me wonder if there's a correlation between that and the SD.

Chris H said...

I must have forgotten... where are you going? For how long?
And I hope you have fun!

noble pig said...

A cruise, my fav vacation. I am the queen of low blood pressure, I am usually about 78/50. The nurse must take it at least three times to get it.

Donalyn said...

Hey - come on over to my blog to see what you won, girl!