Thursday, June 4, 2009

Two! Plus "And I Was Doing So Well!"

Hi All!

Do you remember when I told you that I am "taking care of" a flowerbed in the neighborhood? What I do is deadhead the Coreopsis so that they bloom again. You know - these things . . .

Well, I took Hubby to see the flowerbed the other day in the car. He said "That's nice but, what about the other flowerbed?"

What? ANOTHER flowerbed? Sure enough, right on the other end of the rather large island was another flowerbed with more Coreopsis plants! How did I miss this when I was walking? I guess I just didn't look over there. Talk about being narrow minded! In this case I guess I was narrow sighted!

Anyway, I have now begun deadheading in the second flowerbed, too. I was thrilled when I looked this morning and the plant had lots of new buds on them. About two days ago they were nothing but dead flowers!

Those buds put me in a good mood yesterday morning. That mood was heightened further by my visit to the Deaf Action Center. My friend Tricia met me there and we had a good time visiting with people. One guy was a political refugee from Iran! Interesting stuff!

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and picked up a few things. Then I headed home with all kinds of thoughts about dinner in my mind. I had decided to make beef quesadillas from my own recipe (which means I basically winged it!

Anyway, I started dinner (after Hubby was home) and while it was in the oven I chopped tomatoes and lettuce for the topping and prepared two pretty looking fruit bowls. Satisfied, I played the piano for a while as I was waiting.

Just before the food was ready, I went back into the kitchen to finish cleaning up and found that the garbage disposal was dead. Well, it would give a faint whine and then . . . nothing. Hmmm. I figured it was probably jammed but wanted to wait for Hubby so he could fix it. I just wasn't in the mood.

In came Hubby and I told him the news. He immediately said, "What did you do to it?"

What? Is it just me or does that question seem a bit loaded? What did I do to it? I tried to turn it on and . . . nothing. I didn't do anything to it! It frustrates me because whenever something goes wrong which I need to point out to Hubby, it automatically becomes my fault.

And I was doing so well!

***Editor's note: Hubby is a WONDERFUL man. He is loved and cherished but . . . when he blames me for things I couldn't possibly be responsible for . . . it irks me! I am just venting today!

Skor Update: I think he is getting the picture. He is really doing well with the not massaging the face thing. The not eating earrings seems to be a bit harder for him to grasp. I think that is his "last resort" attention getting behavior and he is not too happy about giving it up! We will keep working on it!


Voice Update: I read out loud again yesterday and did massage. My voice is really pretty darn good. My SD funk is SLOWLY lifting. It is still lingering around but since I have to do more work to get the support group meeting on the 27th organized, I can't ignore it like I would like. I guess that is a good thing!

**8 Editor's Note: Hey - what is up with this little guy? He seems to be tagging along on my blog!


noble pig said...

I hate the demise of the appliances...and yes, it's always our fault.

imbeingheldhostage said...

yikes... you just made me realize that while I am in here on the computer, there are loads of flowers that need tending.
And for giggles, next time you have to tell the hubby something's wrong with the disposal, drop a stuffed toy down there first with a note that says "I didn't do it!". That'll get his attention :-)

Flea said...

We replaced a couple of disposals before someone showed us how to fix them. There's a little nut or bolt on the bottom, under the sink, that requires an allen wrench. Just loosen it or tighten it. Or something. And it should be good as new!

Mental P Mama said...

I would have said: " I put your golf gloves in there" how would that do?

Chris H said...

I 'wing' almost everything I cook! Recipe books stay in the cupboard ....
Men... mine is like that too!