Monday, June 29, 2009

Blogger Problems

Hi All!

Okay, I had planned to share more pictures from the vacation with you but, Blogger seems to have different ideas! No matter what I try, I can't get the pictures I want on the darn post.

Meanwhile, Skor is sitting on the desk trying to get into as much trouble as possible. I put the iPod away so the earbuds are out of danger and he immediately moved on to Hubby's nametag from the NSDA symposium. This cat can certainly chew!

Oops - he found the iPod! Time to move it again! Skor is just being darn ornery today! And I was so pleased that he let me sleep until 6:15 - when Hubby gets up for work! That will teach me to be excited by his "progress."

Now it is the rubberbands Hubby has on the desk - and even the stapler. Crazy cat!

Yesterday I headed to Fort Worth to attend a Deaf church service with my friends from ASL. We met three Deaf friends and then, after the service, we went to Logan's Roadhouse for lunch. This was after getting lost and losing half of our people en route to have them catch up a while later at the restaurant.

It is always fun to go out with Deaf friends. Having to "speak" in ASL is a challenge - especially for me when I haven't done any signing for at least two weeks!

On Saturday, there was a meeting of the North Texas SD Support Group. We met in a new location this time - a church. The church was big and beautiful. They also provided water and coffee - a pleasant surprise!

The support group meeting went well. There was a total of 15 people there including myself and the speaker. The speaker was Dr. Mau, an ENT from the UT Southwestern Medical Center. He does a lot of work (Botox injections) with SD patients and came to speak about what he does and his background, etc. He spoke (basically answering questions) for almost two hours!

After Dr. Mau left we did some organizational kinds of things and had refreshments. Overall, a nice meeting! I am thrilled it went so well considering my co-leader, Lori, was out of town and I was "alone!"

I guess that is all I have for today . . . oh, my! What is that post right before this?

Oh - it is T.O.D.D. Hubby and I discovered him in our luggage during our recent trip. It took a while but we figured out that he had decided to live with us. Interesting, huh?

He introduced himself to us as "The Outlandishly Destructive Demon." Let's hope he doesn't start destroying our house! Hopefully we will learn more about him as time goes on. He did end up in a bunch of our Alaskan pictures though so you will see him some more!

Have a fabulous Monday!


Voice Update: Doing okay but not as well as I would like. I am working on getting back into the exercise/massage routine!

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I think you should stuff me in your purse the next time you go on a vacation.