Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hi All!

Since I am in a sort of a "funk" I decided to make this a pretty blog with lots of nice flowers!

This is a Zinnia which I have had my eye on for a while. It finally bloomed!

My Hydrangea is having a tough time blooming but look at how hard it is trying!

These pink Calla Lilies just catch my eye every day! They aren't in my yard but . . . pretty!

I think this Balloon Flower was afraid to open all the way! This IS my plant! Go, Balloon Flower, go!

Okay, so this technically isn't a flower but it is so neat I had to include it!

Ever since I got my purse camera I have become obsessed with the sky, clouds, and sunsets. I need to start doing that My Sky thing on Fridays because I have a trillion pictures (slight exaggeration there!) already!
Skor Update: Well, he keeps trying to snag my earrings. This morning we had quite a "training" fest. He would grab and I would smack. I didn't have the energy to throw him off the bed but . . . I need to do that!
Sarah - I wanted you to know that I found the word avuncular in the book The English Patient so it is being used out there! Oh - UPDATE YOUR BLOG!
Voice Update: Despite my SD funk I did find time yesterday to slip in some massage - my neck is much looser than I would have thought it would be! I also did some reading out loud which seemed to calm me down from my funk a bit. I still don't feel like facing the whole SD thing but I do seem to be warming up to it a bit. We will see how it goes.


Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful! That opening in the clouds looks like a dove...hope you feel up and at 'em again soon;)

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers! Do the sky thing on Fridays... You'll love it!