Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Squirrel Visit

Hi All!

Happily, my eye infection is on the decline. The blood is all gone - a wonderful sign! However, my eye still hurts -back behind my eyeball. This happens mostly when I am tired - have been using my eyes a lot. For example - when I am communicating in sign language which is all visual, my eye starts to hurt after a while (a couple hours).

Maybe I should call the doctor and ask if this is "normal" for an eye infection. What do you think?

In other news, we have been having daily visits from a friendly male squirrel. I am positive that the visits have NOTHING to do with the food that is out (including some less than edible berries. Edible to humans that is!) and more with the fact that he LIKES US! Yeah, right!
Here is our friend trying very hard to get into our bird feeder. So far, he hasn't managed to figure out how to get the seed but, maybe he will someday!
Then we will need to buy another, more squirrel-proof feeder to continue the "game."

You might ask how we are sure that Mr. Squirrel is a Mr. and not a Mrs. or a Ms. Well, let's just say that there are times when he really "lets it all hang out." If you look very carefully at this picture, you will see what I mean. I apologize for the darkness of the picture but it is taken through tinted windows and from the shadows.

After munching on our fruit offerings (which are more for the birds than for Mr. Squirrel but they are willing to share!), Mr. Squirrel sometimes likes to take a nap on the fence. I have been trying to capture this particular pose for quite a while but, normally, he scurries away while I get my camera ready and I miss the shot.


Doesn't he look comfortable?


Skor has really been enjoying Mr. Squirrel's visits. Sitting on the kitchen windowsill (the feeder is right outside the kitchen window), Skor "chats" to the squirrel the entire length of his visit and then looks quite forlorn when Mr. Squirrel flits off to visit another family or feeder. Sometimes, Skor remains at the window waiting in vain for his little friend to return.


Hubby and I are just happy that our plan for a "kitty entertainment center" has worked out so well. Between the feeder, the plants, the bird bath, and the fruit offerings, Skor has a lot to watch during the day. This keeps him busy and keeps his mind off of other, possibly more destructive, ventures.


Now, if we could just keep Miss Cleo from opening all of the closets when she is bored . . .




Voice Update: Still doing really well. My throat is a bit "crunchier" than usual but I am starting to really work on that. I need to get out the "thumper" to help me in the process.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

And the Verdict is in!

Hi All!

Went to the eye doctor yesterday because I had some blood in my eye. Luckily, it is neatly contained under my eyelid.

Anyway - went to the eye doctor and was told that I have an eye infection - basically I have pink eye!

Not having been around any kiddos with the problem nor any adults from whom to catch the infection, I asked just how I could have gotten it. The nice doctor told me that sometimes it is the result of a cold or upper respiratory infection.

Interestingly, I have just had one of those!

Can we all say "Thanks, Hubby!" together?

So for the next week it is drops in the eye four times a day and trying not to rub my eye. Of course, as soon as someone says "Don't rub your eye!" I feel like doing nothing BUT rubbing my eye. I guess I will just keep a bottle of Purell next to me at all times to disinfect my hands!

What fun!


Voice Update: Doing well. Still not quite up to pre-restaurant quality but not back to horrible voice days. Mom talked to me on the phone yesterday (when I relayed the infection diagnosis) and was surprised that my voice wasn't really bad. These days, my voice has been so good that even a little slip backwards is BAD to me!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Here's Mud - I Mean Blood - In Your Eye

Hi All!

Yesterday's class was fabulous. I think (feel, hope, believe) that this semester will be wonderful. Compared to last semester it would be hard NOT to be but .. . . anyway.

After class last night I went to the Bavarian Grill with two friends from class. We had a good time chatting and listening to the accordion player. Since we were seated at a table right next to the stage, we even got to ask the player to play some songs for us (The Lonely Goatherd from the Sound of Music and In Heaven There is no Beer). It was a fun, fun night. AND the food was delicious!

One the way home my eyes were sort of bothering me but I just thought it was from the length of the day. So- I headed home. No problems. Got home. No problems. Got ready for bed (after playing with the cats and feeding them, etc.). No problems. Tossed and turned in bed (for some reason). No problems.

Woke up this morning. Slight problem.

My left eye/ eye lid hurt. I happened to rub my eye and instantly regretted it! Ouch!

I didn't think much of it and got up and got ready for swimming. Then, I decided to take a look at things in the mirror. My eyelid looked fine - no swelling and no redness. Then I peeled back my eye lid and saw this.



Blood. Plus a spot that seems to be the "epicenter" of everything. Not good.


This is the first time I have ever had blood in my eye (which is why I am not too talented at taking pictures of it - as you can see!)


Blood in the eye plus some aching pain. Not good.


I called my eye doctor (it is time for my eye check up anyway!) and made an appointment for this morning so, hopefully, she will tell me it isn't anything to worry about!


Keep your fingers crossed.




Voice Update: Sitting that close to a stage with an accordion player wasn't a good idea. It was sort of noisy so I had to raise my voice too much. That left me with a nice, hoarse, tired voice which I will no doubt pay for today. When will I learn??

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Musings on Friendship

Hi All!

This morning I was snooping. I admit it! I went on Facebook and snooped in photos on other people's walls.

This is something I do now and again.

Normally, I do this to people who I have not communicated with for a long time. Yes, they are facebook friends but they never comment on my wall nor I on theirs. These people may be friends from long ago who "reconnected" with me on facebook or they may be casual acquaintances I have met more recently.

Today it was friends from the past. One from Junior high/ High school and one from college.

As I scrolled through pictures of children ready for the first day of school and family photos as well as photos from the past, I started musing on friendship.

Now, I have always had lots of friends. It seems like people like me and like to associate with me. However, most of these "friends" are what I would call "surface friends." By that I mean that they are friends who I chat with when the occasion arises and I may even do something with them (like dinner or a movie) but, they are not the kind of friends who come to my house and hang out. Not the kind of friends I spill my guts to. Not the kind of friends who really cares enough to give me a call when I seemingly fall off the face of the earth.

These "surface friends" might hang around for a while - years in fact - but they never really fill that friend space in my life. Some of these friends may even drift away almost before we become friends.

Some "surface friends," especially ones who have been in my life for years, cause me to look back and think "What if?"

What if we had made a deeper connection? What if they had responded to that Christmas card I sent? What if I had asked him/her to my house for dinner once or twice or had gone out with him/her more often?

Would those "surface friends" have become "real friends?"

In fact, some of the friends seemed like "real friends" at the time of our friendship and then drifted away like "surface friends." These friends give me pangs of regret when I snoop on their pages.

If we had stayed friends I might know the children in the photos and the friends shown grouped together at the restaurant.

Oh well!

I guess that is the way things work out, right?

It still makes me lonely for their friendships at times, though.



Voice Update: For some reason, my voice is a bit hoarse this morning. I do have more drainage and have been coughing up "gunk" left over from my "lovely" cold. I am sure that is what is going on. Just not fun to hear. Whenever my voice is less than perfect - even if I am the only one who can tell that it isn't perfect - I start to worry about ABSD coming back full strength again. I wonder if that fear will ever dissipate.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's That On the Wall?

Hi All!

Well, I FINALLY got registration for my class figured out. It only took a 30 minute wait in line and then a 45 minute "discussion" with the people in Academic Advising. It wasn't that my English requirement wasn't satisfied now, it was that the computer had no record of my ASL classes (also prerequisites) even though my transcript on the SAME computer had all of the ASL classes listed.


So - after all of that - I went to class. I think it will be a good one this semester. There is a different mix of people and it should be interesting.

This morning, I am sad to say that I did NOT swim. I know - Boo me!

However, I do have an excuse. Not a good one but and excuse nevertheless!

Last night was the first night that Hubby was away at his conference and I can never sleep the first night he is gone! I tossed and turned and tossed and turned well into the wee hours of the morning. When I finally did fall asleep, it seemed like only seconds later my alarm clock was blaring.

What did I do?

I got up and took my medicine I have to take on an empty stomach and then . . . . went back to bed.

After all the mess with the college AND starting classes again I figure I sort of deserve to sleep in a bit.


Something new has been added to my music room.

Sorry the picture is so dim - I took it the other morning in a hurry so . . . didn't take the time to make it "pretty."


This is a frog that Hubby and I bought while in Mexico ages ago. He (the frog, not Hubby) has been wrapped up on my dresser ever since. While cleaning up, I finally ripped open the paper and pulled Senior Frog out.


Now he is literally climbing the walls!


I like him!




Voice Update: Doing well.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today is the Day

Hi All!

Well, today is the day that classes start again for this semester. However, things are turning out significantly different from what I thought they would be.

First, the only class that I really needed to take was Interpreting III. Of course, that class was cancelled yesterday (through the grapevine because calling would be too logical!). So - ANOTHER semester of classes. I don't think I will ever finish this stinking program!

Next, I have been trying to sign up for Transliteration class (a type of interpreting) and the school has been adamant that I don't have enough English skills to take it. So - after MANY phone calls, I got a call from the school telling me that everything is worked out and I can register. I go online to register and . . . . guess what! I can't register!

And of course, I can't call to get things worked out because yesterday was the first day of classes and the Academic Advisers are all busy.

Should I tell you what I am thinking of the Academic Advisers at this moment?

At least the teacher of Transliteration told me to come to class tonight even if I can't get registered. That is good.

Finally, since Interpreting III is cancelled, I will be finished with classes much earlier than I anticipated. That is a good thing!


Now that I have all of that off my chest.

I swam for the second day in a row (cheers, please!) today. Hubby was up early to head to the airport for his conference and so I got up early too and hit the pool before 7:00 A.M. Nice! The water was a tad bit warmer than it was yesterday but still refreshing!

After a few weeks of not wanting to read (this is a BIG deal since I read ALL the time normally), I forced myself to pick up a book last night and now I am hooked. It is a "fluffy" book - just right for my mood at the moment - and it is good. In fact, I think I will be reading for most of the day (after a quick nap to make up for getting up so early!).

It sounds like a good day!


Voice Update: Doing well despite a cough hanging around now and again. My throat has been a bit sore but I think that is due to drainage (hopefully, the END of the cold not the beginning of another!).

Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting Back Into the Swim!

Hi All!

Splish! Splash!

I went swimming today for the first time in forever (okay - not really forever but for a long time - since before the cruise!)!

My cold/cough/upper respiratory infection is finally gone enough that I can do physical activity without dissolving into a coughing fit so I decided that today was the day! True, I did "cheat" and drive to the pool but - I thought I would start slowly. Well, that and it was 84 when I started out and I didn't feel like getting that sweaty by walking!

The water was nice and wet even if it was a bit warmer than ideal. There is no possible way that it could be nice and cool when we haven't had a day under 100 degrees for about a week now. I guess I can't really complain.

The pool was my own private relaxation station this morning and I enjoyed it to the fullest. The sky was lovely with clouds (! We haven't had many clouds around lately either!) spotting the sky and birds flitting here and there busy with their morning routines.

Then it was back to the house for a shower and my morning "chat" with Mom.

What a wonderful way to start the day.

To be perfectly honest, I am trying to stave off my anxiety about Hubby leaving town tomorrow morning AND classes starting tomorrow afternoon. Two big things that I don't really want to happen.

Hubby is going on a work business trip. I hope he relaxes and has time to socialize with friends while he is away.

Classes. I used to be very enthusiastic about classes. Now. Not so much.

This turn-about in attitude may be because of last semester's conflicts. Then again - it may be because this summer has been such a bummer for me. First the months on the "zombie pills" and then topping off a lovely, wonderful, amazing cruise with a horrible upper repsiratory infection that laid me low for two weeks plus.

Could it be that I didn't really get much of a "break" this summer?

Hubby and I have discussed this and have agreed that if things don't improve attitude-wise, we will have to decide if taking classes this semester is really the right thing for me to do or not. I know he is hoping that I will love classes once I get started.

I hope so.


Voice Update: Still doing remarkably well. Honestly, I thought the coughing would set me back major time but . . . so far that hasn't been the case!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beautiful Bermuda - Last Stop Before Home!

Hi All!

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I tried to work out my registration for classes (so far that hasn't been worked out!! I guess it is another call this morning!). Then I researched selling on eBay. I have a bunch of teaching stuff that I am thinking of selling (to get out of storage in our bonus room!). After spending forever on the computer researching how to sell on eBay (it is complicated!), I headed upstairs to make Hubby a pillow from two Guinness bar towels purchased in Ireland. While I was upstairs I also sorted through my teaching stuff to see what I had and what I might be interested in selling.

Sweaty work!

Needless to say, I was ready for a nap by the time I was finished. Unfortunately, Skor didn't seem to think that I needed a nap and bothered me the entire time I was on the bed!

Maybe I will get that nap today instead!

Today I will be showing you the last batch of photos from our cruise. This time, they are from Bermuda (even though I didn't take a picture of the flier saying Bermuda!). Thanks to the mysterious ways of Blogger, some of the pictures got out of order - Hubby's fish and chips was supposed to be right before my chicken pot pie. Also, some shots of scenery are misplaced but I think you may still find them enjoyable!

Oh - the photo of the Hog Penny- that is the restaurant where Hubby and I had our meals shown in the photos!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cobh - A Hidden Treasure for Aussies

Hi All!

Well, each day I am feeling better and my cough is subsiding. That is good. Yesterday, I was very, very cranky. That isn't good.

Today - I haven't decided what it up today yet so we are going with it being a wonderful day!

Today's pictures are from Cobh, Ireland (pronounced "cove"). This is the gateway to Cork and is the port for that fine city. Cobh is also known as the last stop for the ill-fated Titanic before it met disaster. Interestingly, Cobh is also where rescue operations for the Lusitania were originated from and where the survivors from that ship were taken. In addition to this rich history, Cobh is proud that many Irish people set off for Australia from its port.

Since our ship originated its around-the-world trip in Australia and the majority of the passengers were Australian, Cobh set up a celebration to welcome the Aussies and to remember the connection between Cobh and Australia. It was "Australia Day" in the city with local musicians performing, dance troupes, and various ceremonies to honor the day.

It was a fun thing to experience even though Hubby and I are not Australian!