Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just in Juneau . . . Now at Sea!

Hi All!

Well, we are sailing along right now in the middle of the ocean. It is so peaceful to watch the vast stretch of water. Of course, then I think about all of the things which lie below the surface and it boggles the mind - whales, sharks, fish . . . all just below the surface. All around us but out of sight. Amazing!

Yesterday we were at Juneau. The weather was a bit cloudy and cool but it didn't start raining until we went back to the ship this time around. Hubby and I walked all over Juneau and I even stopped into a few shops. We didn't buy much - Hubby got an Alaska decal which he is going to back with magnet to put on his car. Actually, he bought two since he got one and then found one that he liked even better! I don't think that I bought anything.

The city of Juneau is so beautiful with the colorful shops and the green mountains in the background. It must be so wonderful to live there!

Last night the steward came into our room and closed the porthole. Hubby and I assumed that it was because the weather was getting rough. However, it didn't seem that rough. In fact, it only rained a bit. So we were in the dark for nothing! And let me tell you - it IS dark with the porthole closed!

We hoped that this morning the porthole would be opened but so far no such luck! We had to sit out in a lounger by the pool to soak up some sunshine. It is a beautiful, sunny day right now. It is a bit chilly - of course! - but not enough that I was cold while basking in the warm sunshine. Talk about luxury! Being in the middle of the ocean on the way back from Alaska and basking in the sunshine around the pool. Hubby and I did refuse the offer of a man who wanted us to join him in the hot tub though. We also didn't join the two young girls in the swimming pool. There is a limit to what we will do in the chilly air!

I am reading a book that I picked up in the library here. They have a wonderful library since the boat often does long trips and also does the transatlantic voyaged. They also have a section for exchanging the paperback books you brought with you. I have donated all three of the books I brought with me and picked up What Do You Say to a Naked Elf? by Cheryl Sterling.

The title was so intriguing that I couldn't pass it up!

I am not done reading yet but I will let you know how it is when I am! It certainly caused a stir in the dining room when Hubby and I were eating lunch and I put it on the table next to me. All of the women (and a number of the men) all wanted to know just what you should say to a naked elf. Unfortunately, I haven't found out the answer yet!

Tomorrow we will be in Victoria, British Columbia. It is a beautiful place which we have been to before but we are a little disappointed at the short amount of time we will have in the city. We will dock around 5:00 P.M. and then leave around 11:00P.M. Not the best time to really get a good look at the place, now is it?

Oh well! I guess I shouldn't complain! After all, I am on an Alaskan cruise!

I just heard from our cat sitter that the kitties are doing well. The little buggers are still hiding from her and she feels a bit snubbed but they haven't wrecked the house so I guess it is all for the best!

Have a fabulous day1


Voice Update: Still doing well - a bit hard going when I have to talk across the diner table but my companions are very understanding. I will be taking some information to them tonight at dinner so that they can read up a little on SD. You know my mission - to spread the word about SD! I am also thinking about new ideas for my next podcast - the letter c. I have the words confusing, confidence, and . . . rats! I just forgot the third and it was the best! I guess I will have to think some more about it!

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