Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's That On the Wall?

Hi All!

Well, I FINALLY got registration for my class figured out. It only took a 30 minute wait in line and then a 45 minute "discussion" with the people in Academic Advising. It wasn't that my English requirement wasn't satisfied now, it was that the computer had no record of my ASL classes (also prerequisites) even though my transcript on the SAME computer had all of the ASL classes listed.


So - after all of that - I went to class. I think it will be a good one this semester. There is a different mix of people and it should be interesting.

This morning, I am sad to say that I did NOT swim. I know - Boo me!

However, I do have an excuse. Not a good one but and excuse nevertheless!

Last night was the first night that Hubby was away at his conference and I can never sleep the first night he is gone! I tossed and turned and tossed and turned well into the wee hours of the morning. When I finally did fall asleep, it seemed like only seconds later my alarm clock was blaring.

What did I do?

I got up and took my medicine I have to take on an empty stomach and then . . . . went back to bed.

After all the mess with the college AND starting classes again I figure I sort of deserve to sleep in a bit.


Something new has been added to my music room.

Sorry the picture is so dim - I took it the other morning in a hurry so . . . didn't take the time to make it "pretty."


This is a frog that Hubby and I bought while in Mexico ages ago. He (the frog, not Hubby) has been wrapped up on my dresser ever since. While cleaning up, I finally ripped open the paper and pulled Senior Frog out.


Now he is literally climbing the walls!


I like him!




Voice Update: Doing well.


Mental P Mama said...

So cute!! Hope you get some sleep tonight!

Chris H said...

OMG that frog is GORGEOUS!!!