Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beautiful Bergen

Hi All!

Hubby's cold and cough really spread well . . . to me! I am now sick. I am coughing and congested and have a headache. Lovely!

Yesterday I went to see Susan and things are still pretty good with my voice. Of course, the cold thing meant that my voice was a bit raspy and my throat was tight (I just can't do the massage as effectively as she can!) but, overall, things are good.

Susan and I did have a conversation about inhalation therapy (talking all on the inhale) and how it has helped several of her ABSD patients. She did mention that the patients who were helped (including me!) were the ones who really worked at the therapy and did what they were supposed to do. Wouldn't it be great if more people with ABSD could get therapy like I did and recover voice? Then again, I know Susan has many ABSD patients who refuse (!?!) to do the exercises and they don't improve as much as those who actually comply.

It is nice to know that I am not the only ABSD patient Susan has worked with who has done the therapy and have improved drastically! Maybe the SD community needs to take note of that when they start saying my improvement means I never had SD!

Enough of that.

We finally have a date for the installation of our oven - Friday afternoon! YEAH! Soon we will be able to bake. And, no doubt, once we have the ability, we won't want to!

Oh well!

Here is the first official stop on our cruise - Bergen, Norway.

We were supposed to go to Amsterdam but the weather made getting into the port dangerous so it was cancelled (much to my dismay!).

Enjoy the pictures of Bergen (including the ones showing what the weather was like when we first got off the ship!).

Isn't Bergen beautiful? We took the funicular up to the top of the mountain to take in the scenic views (after the downpour stopped!)


At the top of the mountain we made friends with a large Troll.


What a visit!



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Chris H said...

OOO that funny 'elf' looking thing is cute!
Shame you couldn't get to Amsterdam.